• Goth Boy as Woody
  • Buddy as Buzz
  • Ray as Hamm
  • Travis and Liberty as Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head
  • Bean as Rex
  • Yuki as Bo Peep
  • Esma as Sid
  • Cassandra as Sid's Sister
  • Grit as Sid's Dog
  • Treona (my OC) as Jessie
  • Dogwood as Bull's Eye
  • Brandi as Prospector Pete
  • Elmira as Al
  • Dolly, Pinky, and Taylor as The Aliens
  • Alexa as Barbie
  • Vic as Ken
  • Morcubus as Lotso
  • Lrr (from Futurama) as Big Baby
  • Rob as Trixie
  • Poppy as Bonnie
  • Trevor as Mr. Pricklepants
  • Yvette as Chuckles
  • Samus (from Metroid) as Andy
  • Peach (from Mario Bros.) as Andy's Mom
  • Jigglypuff (from Pokemon)/Amy (from Sonic the Hedgehog) as Molly

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