My Bumper Christmas Sooty is a video containing four episodes from the Sooty Show. This was Distributed by VCI and Thames Video in 1997.


  1. A Summertime Christmas
  2. Little Terrors
  3. Sooty's Christmas Party
  4. Sooty's Busy Christmas


  • Release Date: 27 October 1997
  • Distributed by VCI and Thames Video
  • Guests: Richard Cadell and Bernie Clifton

Opening Previews (UK)

  1. VCI Ident (voiceover: "VCI presents some of the most popular children's characters available to buy on video.")
  2. Thomas the Tank Engine Promo
  3. Fourways Farms Promo
  4. Sooty and Co. Promo
  5. My Christmas Play Rhymes and Songs Promo
  6. Tots Video Promo
  7. The BFG Promo
  8. Video overview
  9. "New For '97" overview
  10. Thames Video Warning (1991)
  11. Thames Video Ident (1991)
  12. My Bumper Christmas Sooty title card
  13. The Sooty Show Opening
  14. First few seconds of A Summertime Christmas

Closing Previews (UK)

  1. Last few seconds of Sooty's Busy Christmas
  2. The Sooty Show Closing
  3. Thames Video Ident (1991)

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