My Fair Madeline is an Animated Madeline Musical Comedy Film and sequel to the Academy Award winning Movie Madeline: Lost in Paris.


Directed by D.B. Sweeney, Kent Butterworth, David Silverman, Steven Dean Moore, Walt Disney, Jim Henson, Frank Oz, Mark Kirkland, Jim Reardon, Stan Phillips, Don Bluth, Gary Goldman, Richard Williams, Francis Ford Coppola, Robert Zemeckis, Steven Spielberg, Rich Moore, Wes Archer, James Cameron, Henry Selick, Tim Burton, George Lucas, Nancy Kruse, Raymond S. Persi, Scott Heming, Lance Kramer and John Lasseter

Executive Producers Al Jean, Mike Reiss, Bill Oakley, Josh Weinstein, Matt Groening, James L. Brooks, Sam Simon, Matt Selman, D.B. Sweeney, Francis Ford Coppola, Walt Disney, Don Bluth, Jim Henson, Frank Oz, Richard Williams, Andy Heyward, Michael Maliani and Ub Iwerks

Producers Tony Geiss, Judy Freudberg, Jon Stone, Jerry Juhl, Richard Hunt, Jerry Nelson, Jon Landau, Richard Sakai, George Meyer, Jon Vitti, John Swartzwelder, Jeff Martin, Larry Doyle, Ian Maxtone-Graham, Brad Bird, Pete Doctor, Joe Ranft, Dr. Seuss, Roald Dahl, Andrew Lloyd Webber, Tim Rice, Robert Lopez, Sid Caesar, Carl Reiner, Mel Brooks, Jeff Marx, Steven Dean Moore, Richard Raynis, Matt Warburton, Tim Burton, D.B. Sweeney, William Joyce, Roy E. Disney, Kevin Curran, Tim Long, Brian Kelley, James L. Brooks, Dan Castellaneta, Bill Peet, Judy Rothman Rofe, Marc Wilmore, David Merrick, Adolph Green, Betty Comden, Rich Moore, Wes Archer, Gary Goldman, John Pomeroy, John Frink, Don Payne, Dan Greaney, David X. Cohen, Andrew Stanton, Henry Selick, Jay Kogen, Wallace Wolodarsky, John Musker, Ron Clements, Pancho Kohner, Saul Cooper, Howard Ashman, Stephanie Gillis, Joey Mazzarino, Gene Wilder, Marty Feldman, Carolyn Omine, Shelley Zellman, Rowby Goren, Harvey Fierstein, Fred Newman, Brent Forrester, Steve Tompkins, Colin A.B.V. Lewis and Robin Williams

Co Producers Conan O'Brien, Richard Appel, Ron Hauge, Ned Goldreyer, Jennifer Crittenden, Phil Hartman, Richard Hunt, David Silverman, Ken Issacs, David Levine, Jay Kogen, Wallace Wolodarsky, J. Stewart Burns, Michael Price, Billy Kimball, Joel H. Cohen and Bill Odenkirk

Story and Screenplay by Tony Geiss and Judy Freudberg

Executive in Charge of Story and Development Eric Lewald

Story Editors Phil Harnage, Shelley Zellman, John Swartzwelder, Jon Vitti, D.B. Sweeney, Rowby Goren, George Meyer, Bill Oakley, Josh Weinstein, Al Jean, Mike Scully and Mike Reiss

Executives in Charge of Production Stacey Gallishaw and Richard Raynis

Production Supervisers Shannon Nettleton, Bonita Pietila and Jeffery Lynch

Coordination Producer Christy Buskirk

Associate Producers Jennifer Cheng, Patty Jausoro, Kyle Jolly, Brittany Byrnes, Jon Stone and Jerry Nelson


Script for Teaser Trailer 1

Narrator: From the beginning, Walt Disney established a Tradition of Enovation. From the World's first Full Length Animated Feature, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs to the new Photographic Techniques introduced in 101 Dalmatians, the combination of Animation and Live-Action in Who framed Roger Rabbit, the dazzling use of Computer Technology in The Great Mouse Detective, the eye popping Hand made Special Effects in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and the World's first fully Computer Animated Film, Toy Story. Now Walt Disney Pictures is joining forces with DIC Entertainment, Paramount Pictures and the Children's Television Workshop, D.B. Sweeney, the Academy Award winning Animator behind Terry the Blubber, Mynn and Jynn Wason and You Malignant Sow, Tim Burton, the creative Genius behind Batman, Beetlejuice, Edward Scissorhands and the Nightmare Before Christmas, Walt Disney himself, John Lasseter, the co founder of Pixar and Director of Toy Story, Don Bluth, the Award winning Cartoonist and Animator behind the Academy Award winning An American Tail, Frank Oz, the Director of The Dark Crystal and Babe and Emily and Jim Henson, the Creator of the Muppets, to bring you one of the most unique, enovated and outstanding Movies of all time, My Fair Madeline. This historic teaming of extraordinary Animation Talents is taking Hand Drawn Animation to unpreccedended new heights. The result is an all new and revolutionary Motion Picture experience that will take you to a new World beyond anything you can ever Imagine.

Madeline: Ooh La La.

Narrator: You'll need a Magical Cast of unforgettable new Characters and old familiar Faces, featuring the lovable Madeline, the couragous Red head in a Story filled with Laughter, Fun, Adventure and incredible Fantasy featuring 30 new Songs by all your favourite Composers and Songwriters of all time.

Songs: Show up your Best by Andy Street, We will be the bestest Thieves in the World by Danny Elfman, Come and join the Pirates by Richard and Robert Sherman, She's finished in finishing School by Robert Lopez and Jeff Marx, Welcome to London by Stephen Schwartz and Crash, Bang and Bash by Joe Raposo and Judy Rothman Rofe.

Narrator: Prepare yourself an exciting all new Adventure in Movie making and discover the astonishing new World of My Fair Madeline. Coming to Theaters everywhere for the Thanksgiving Holiday Season and the Radio City Music Hall in New York City from Children's Television Workshop, Paramount Pictures, DIC Entertainment and Walt Disney Pictures.

Script for Teaser Trailer 2

Narrator: Now, experience the all new Animated Musical Adventure of a life time. As the Classic Story of Madeline continues. Join us for a Sneak Peek Behind the Scenes of the Production of Walt Disney's "My Fair Madeline". The Legacy began when Ludwig Bemelmans made an Award-winning Children's Book about a Little Girl with Red Hair and an even bigger Heart.

John Bemelmans:

Script for Theatrical Trailer 1

Walt Disney: We all know it's impossible to see Music. Yet many Composers have tried to take Musical Sounds and give them a victorial Meaning.

D.B. Sweeney: As long as there is lots of Imagination left in the World, Animated Films will never be completed.

Martin Sheen: In 1989, Disney announced that a new Madeline Film would be a Continuing Work-in-Progress and "My Fair Madeline" was the realization of that Dream.

Michael Jai White: Finally, after nearly two decades, "My Fair Madeline" was completed in 2005. Featuring new Special Effects that were never been done before.

Narrator: Now, enter a World of Enchantment. A whole new World unlike anything Cinema Audiences have ever Seen before. A World of Breath-taking Beauty, Laughter, Fun, Excitement and Adventure. Welcome to the World of My Fair Madeline. While some Films take up a year to produce, My Fair Madeline has taken over 18 years to complete. The Film features Scenes which have never before been attempted in an Animated Feature Motion Picture. Films like Fantasia, 2001: A Space Odessey, Star Wars, An American Tail, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Titanic have created new Cinematic Visions, now My Fair Madeline brings a new richness and Beauty to the Art of Traditional Animation. The Genius of D.B. Sweeney, Jim Henson, Richard Williems, Walt Disney, Don Bluth and John Lasseter brings this extraordinary Motion Picture to life.

D.B. Sweeney: The Idea of making the Best Animated Film was made and there really isn't reason why not. The Design of "My Fair Madeline" occured cause i love Children's Books that were done by many great Children's Authors. And Ludwig Bemelmans is one of them, he created Madeline in 1939 and i was born in 1962. When i came to Disney, i told them that i'm going to make a Madeline Feature Film with new Special Effects that were never before been done by Hand. It took lots of great Hollywood Animators who works with me. They have a hibrante Style so that they can fit into this.

Narrator: Daniel Bernard Sweeney is the Award-winning Creator of the series of Children's Books "Terry the Blubber" and the Man who designed and Animated Madeline herself. He has won 42 Oscars, 50 Emmys, 54 Grammys, 30 Tonys, 63 British Academy Awards, 42 Annies, 24 Genesis Awards, 76 Writers Guild of America Awards, 41 People's Choice Awards, 60 British Comedy Awards, 44 Teens Choice Awards, 55 Kids Choice Awards, 35 Prisms, 53 Satellites, 30 Golden Reels, 72 CableACEs, 65 Saturns, 54 Golden Globes, 5 E Pluribus Unum Awards, 65 American Comedy Awards, 34 BAFTA Awards, 54 BMI Film and TV Awards, 4 CINE Eagle Awards, 6 DVDX Awards, 23 Enviromental Media Awards, and more than 300 International Awards. There are other Animators besides Sweeney who has ever Won Special Achievement Oscars, Honorary Oscars and Irving Thalberg Memorial Awards, Walt Disney, Don Bluth, Richard Williams, Jim Henson, Frank Oz, Don Bluth and Gary Goldman. But now his real Animation, his life long Dream has finally been realized. Walt Disney Pictures, Paramount Pictures, DIC Entertainment and the Children's Television Workshop are proud to present My Fair Madeline. Featuring an all new Journey into Imagination along with Classic Favourites in a Motion Picture unlike any other. On November 11th, 2005. Coming only to Theaters Worldwide. Walt Disney Pictures, Paramount Pictures, DIC Entertainment and Children's Television Workshop proudly presents, "My Fair Madeline", Rated G, premiering at the Radio City Music Hall in New York City.

Script for Theatrical Trailer 2

Narrator: From Walt Disney Pictures, DIC Entertainment, Paramount Pictures and Children's Television Workshop. You are invited, to share an extraordinary journey. Based on the best selling Children's Books by Ludwig Bemelmans comes an all Animated Motion Picture like never before. Through the state of the Art Imagination of Cinemascope Animation. The World's first Animated Cinerama Motion Picture ever created. See London and Paris in a fascinating new way. Walt Disney Pictures, DIC Entertainment, Paramount Pictures and Children's Television Workshop is proud to present, the all new Dimension in Storytelling and Animation. Share the unforgettable Adventure. From the Imagination of Academy Award winner D.B. Sweeney, the Author of Terry the Blubber, Jim Henson, the Creator of the Muppets, Frank Oz, the Animator of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Walt Disney, the mastermind of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs and John Lasseter the inventor of the first Computer Animated Film proudly presents an all new full length Animated Feature Film of the decade. My Fair Madeline. Coming soon to the IMAX Theaters worldwide and Radio City Music Hall in New York City. Rated G.

D.B. Sweeney's intro for VHS release

D.B. Sweeney: Hello, i'm D.B. Sweeney. It's been many years since i've first worked with Walt Disney, Jim Henson and Don Bluth. I'm the President of Walt Disney Animation Studios. I never stop listening to Walt Disney talking about his Ideas of Animated Films. Breaking new Ground in Animation, Sound and Technology. In 1987, Tony Geiss and Judy Freudberg wrote the Screenplay for a Film that shows never before seen Special Effects by Hand, also breaking new Grounds that was not attempted before. In a suggestion of Steven Spielberg and George Lucas, it was called "My Fair Madeline" and we worked on this project from the 80s and 90s. But it wasn't the first time that it'd startle Audiences with Breath taking Animation.

Clip: Steamboat Willie.

D.B. Sweeney: Walter Elias Disney was the first to Syncronize Sound in the Animated Short Film, Steamboat Willie.

Clip: Flowers and Trees.

D.B. Sweeney: Flowers and Trees was the first Color Cartoon. In the mid 30s, Walt and his Team developed the Multiplane Camera that will give startling new depth to Animation.

Clip: The Old Mill.

D.B. Sweeney: It was put to wonderful use and it was first used in the Academy Award winning Short, The Old Mill.

Clip: Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

D.B. Sweeney: But the perfect example is the first Animated Feature Length Motion Picture, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

Clip: Fantasia.

D.B. Sweeney: In 1940, when they made Fantasia, Walt elevated the Art of Animation once again when he developed the first use of multitrack stereophonic Sound to approximate Concert going experience. At Walt Disney Animation Studios, we continue the tradtion of innovation.

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