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My Favourite Friends is a VHS tape which was NCH 1991 released by 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment


  • Rosie And Jim: Babies
  • Paddington Bear: Do It yourself
  • Bump: Bump And The Talking Tree
  • Tots TV: Playground
  • The Magic Roundabout: Ermintrude's Folly
  • Bananas in Pyjamas: Wish Fairies
  • Rainbow: Where Did You Get That Hat
  • Sooty: Health Food
  • Wizadora: Friends
  • The Fairies: The Fairies, She's Peek a-Booing Again and The Birthday Rap Song
  • The Clangers: The Visitor
  • The Big Garage: Sounds Funny to Me
  • Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends: Gordon And The Famous Visitor
  • Brum: Brum to the Rescue
  • Jellikins: Jelly Dance
  • Postman Pat: Letters On Ice
  • Pingu Builds An Igloo
  • Charlie Chalk: Arnold's Night Out
  • Joshua Jones: Sting
  • Oakie Doke and the Go Cart Race
  • Fireman Sam: Halloween
  • Spider: Spider in the Bath
  • Rugrats: Party Animals
  • TUGS: Regatta
  • The Simpsons: Blame It On Lisa
  • Family Guy: Road To Europe
  • South Park: Tom's Rhinoplasty
  • Noddy's Toyland Adventures: Noddy's New Friend

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