Hi. Today, I am going to tell you about my favourite episode bits of Thomas. I will include specials as well.

Season 1

  • Percy Runs Away: When Percy headed into a bank.
  • Thomas and Gordon: When Thomas called Gordon lazybones.
  • Toby and the Stout Gentleman: The introduction to Toby and Henrietta (Toby's my favourite engine).
  • Edward, Gordon and Henry: When The Fat Controller's hat blew into a field and a goat ate it.

Season 2

  • Cows: When Henry and Gordon passed each other after the cow was gone.
  • The Diseasel: The introduction to Bill and Ben even though they were in Percy Takes the Plunge
  • Old Iron: When James and Edward arrived at the station.
  • Percy and Harold: The song (The fireman sang it beautifully).

Season 3

  • Henry's Forest: When Toby brought the new trees (Once again, Toby is my favourite character).
  • Mavis: The cameo by Terence.
  • Buzz Buzz: The bee stinging part.
  • Thomas and Percy's Christmas Adventure: When my favourite engine, Toby, took the villages to Tidmouth Sheds.

Season 4

  • Sleeping Beauty: When Skarloey took the rescuers to find Duke.
  • Thomas and Stepney: When all the engines met Stepney at Knapford.
  • Thomas and the Special Letter: When Mavis, BoCo, Bill, Ben, Donald, Oliver and Douglas passed three of the Branchline Engines.
  • Fish: When the engines worked at the harbour at the beginning.

Season 5

  • Horrid Lorry: When Butch (without face) brought Lorry 3 back to Brendam.
  • Thomas, Percy and Old Slow Coach: When Old Slow Coach became the workmen's hut at the end.
  • Double Teething Troubles: When Derek overheats for the second time and Bill said, "Oh, pah!".
  • Snow: When Gordon got covered in snow at the end.

Thomas and the Magic Railroad

  • When Thomas bumped at the buffers near James sulking at Tidmouth Sheds
  • When Junior rode on the windmill.
  • Butch's cameo in Really Useful Engine.
  • When Diesel 10 fell off the viaduct while Thomas and Lady made it through.

Season 6

  • Middle Engine: When Percy got stuck in the middle.
  • Faulty Whistles: When Duncan tried to blow his whistle at Terence, but the whistle blew off.
  • James and the Red Balloon: George's cameo.
  • It's Only Snow: When Thomas' snowplough hit the rock.

Season 7

  • Emily's New Coaches: When Emily pushed Oliver out the way.
  • Best Dressed Engine: Seeing the stock footage from Season 1.
  • Gordon and Spencer: Emily's cameo.
  • Something Fishy: Seeing the cameos of Murdoch, Emily and Spencer.

Season 8

  • Thomas and the Tuba: Having to see Elizabeth.
  • Squeak, Rattle and Roll: When Diesel, Henry and Salty heard Gordon making noises at Brendam Docks.
  • Spic and Span: When Thomas and Percy won first prize.
  • Percy and the Magic Carpet: When we met Murdoch.

Calling All Engines!

  • Thomas' dream with Lady and Rusty.
  • When Diesel 10 and Thomas headed to the scene at the Airport.
  • When Daisy went to help Toby (It was nice to see the diesel railcar again).
  • When Emily finally joined the other engines at Tidmouth Sheds.

Season 9

  • Mighty Mac: The Narrow Gauge engines returning at the beginning.
  • Tuneful Toots: Rusty finally being called he instead of the little diesel.
  • Henry and the Flagpole: Trevor having another speaking role.
  • Thomas and the New Engine: When Thomas rescued Neville, Annie and Clarabel at the end.

Season 10

  • A Smooth Ride: Sir Handel returning.
  • Thomas and Skarloey's Big Day Out: Thomas and Skarloey arriving at the mender's.
  • Percy and the Funfair: When The Chinese Dragon danced at the end.
  • Thomas' Frosty Friend: When Thomas took Mr. Snowman back to the children.

Jack and the Pack

  • A Visit from Thomas: When Thomas took The Fat Controller away.
  • Alfie Has Kittens: When Alfie helped the kittens.
  • Percy Helps Out: When Nelson dremt about being carried.
  • Mud, Glorious Mud: Salty's cameo.

Season 11

  • Duncan Does it All: Annie and Clarabel's cameo.
  • Emily's Rubbish: The return of Murdoch and Neville.
  • Smoke and Mirrors: Elizabeth's appearance.
  • Wash Behind Your Buffers: When Madge pulled the Brass Band at the end.

The Great Discovery

  • Seeing Diesel 10 and Dennis at the diesel meeting.
  • When Thomas and James raced to the Wharf at the beginning.
  • When all the engines worked hard restoring Great Waterton.
  • When Thomas let Stanley take the Mayor

Season 12

  • Rosie's Funfair Special: Seeing Stepney return.
  • Excellent Emily: When Duck returned.
  • Best Friends: Hearing Neville speak again.
  • James Works it Out: When Hector was seen again since Season 11.

Hero of the Rails

  • When Spencer whooshed passed Thomas and the spout leaked.
  • When Victor let Kevin to keep dropping things to distract Spencer so he doesn't see what Thomas is doing.
  • When Rocky and Hiro helped Spencer out the mud.
  • When Hiro went back to Japan.

Season 13

  • Play Time: When Charlie appeared for the first time.
  • Creaky Cranky: When Thomas went to the Steamworks to collect some parts for Cranky.
  • The Biggest Present of All: When Hiro came back.
  • Snow Tracks: When Spencer said he was as dirty as a ditch.

Misty Island Rescue

  • When Diesel 10 makes an unexpected appearance at the end.
  • When Stanley made an appearance.
  • Seeing Butch return again.
  • When Hiro told Thomas that the Jobi wood comes from his country.

Season 14

  • Charlie and Eddie: When Charlie told Edward a joke.
  • Jumping Jobi Wood: When Ferdinand called The Fat Controller boss.
  • Victor Says Yes: When 'Arry and Bert returned.
  • Jitters and Japes: When Thomas went fast on Misty Island to impress Dowager Hatt.

Season 15

  • Up, Up and Away: When the narrator said, "All the Hatt's were hatless".
  • Emily and Dash: Seeing Trevor again.
  • Kevin the Steamie: Scruff's cameo.
  • Fiery Flynn: Norman and Paxton appearing (I didn't know Norman spoke until I heard a laugh).

Day of the Diesels

  • When Percy told the Diesels a joke.
  • When Diesel 10 gets trapped on the doors.
  • When all of the engines headed to the Steamworks
  • The song (It's catchy).

Season 16

  • Don't Bother Victor!: All of it, especially the Narrow Gauge engines returning.
  • Percy and the Calliope: When the calliope played the Original Thomas Theme.
  • Thomas and the Sounds of Sodor: When all the engines made music at the end.
  • Race to the Rescue: That cameo with Hiro and Scruff at the beginning.

Blue Mountain Mystery

  • Seeing the CGI flashbacks.
  • When Victor told Thomas the truth about what happened when he fell in the sea.
  • The two songs.
  • All the scenes with Paxton who was finally named.

(more coming soon)

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