My First Talking Thomas Phrases Ideas is a fan-fiction thing where we all make up phrases for the My First Talking Thomas ideas.


  1. Hello. I'm Henry.
  2. I am the no. 3 green engine.
  3. Come on, come on, don't be silly, don't be silly.
  4. The rain will spoil my lovely green paint and red stripes.
  5. I'm a big engine.
  6. It isn't wrong, but we just don't do it.
  7. I love the forest.


  1. I'm Gordon.
  2. Express coming through!
  3. Oh, the indignity!
  4. Down the mine, is he? What a joke!
  5. I'm big, blue and fast.
  6. I'm in disgrace.
  7. I'm fastest than best!


  1. Hello. I'm Toby.
  2. I'm the no. 7 brown tram engine.
  3. Electric indeed!
  4. Jingle my bell!
  5. I don't like the Whistling Woods.
  6. I love chasing bulls of the tracks
  7. I can do it, I can do it!


  1. Hello. I'm Duck.
  2. I'm the no. 8 Great Western engine.
  3. There are two ways of doing things: the Great Western Way or the Wrong Way. I'm Great Western and...
  4. I only wish that I'd thought of these names myself if the dome fits!
  5. They call me Duck because they say I waddle.
  6. I work on the Little Western line.
  7. You were having such fun being rev... whatever it was you said.


  1. I'm Donald.
  2. Nay doobt who's behind this.
  3. I am good at clearing snow.
  4. You heard, quack, quack you go. Sounds like you're an egglaid. Now wheesht and let an engine sleep.
  5. You're a muckle nuisance. It's to leave you behind I'd be wanting.
  6. Spite Douggie, would you? Take that!
  7. I come from beautiful Scotland.


  1. Hello. I'm Douglas.
  2. I've heard tell about an engine and some tar wagons.
  3. Lay it to me.
  4. Don't mention that word. It makes my wheels wobble.
  5. I'll be glad to help you. It'll have to look as if you're ready for scrap and I'm taking you away.
  6. Losh sakes! I must have stored the special coach with the others!
  7. Maybe he saw you coming and thought he was late.


  1. I'm Bill.
  2. I work at the China Clay Works.
  3. Coughs and sneezels spread diseasels.
  4. You're a big bully. You'll be sorry.
  5. We're not playing.
  6. I want new buffers too.
  7. The next thing he tells us to do, we'll do it wrong!


  1. I'm Ben.
  2. I work with my twin brother at the Quarry and China Clay Works.
  3. A diseasel, I think. There's a notice about them in our sheds.
  4. Truck stealer!
  5. I'm going to get new buffers.
  6. I think you have.
  7. He's an old fusspot. He's always saying "do it right".


  1. Hello. I'm Stepney.
  2. I am a Bluebell engine.
  3. I do miss a good long run.
  4. You're such an expert.
  5. Everything looks spooky.
  6. This engine's not for scrapping!
  7. Bluebells forever!

Tired Thomas

  1. I'm Tired Thomas.
  2. This mountain track's steep.
  3. This is hard work.
  4. I'm out of puff!
  5. I can make it, I can make it!
  6. I'm nearly there.
  7. Phew! I've done it.


  1. Hello. My name is Arthur.
  2. I am very proud of my Spotless Record.
  3. I like working at the fishing village
  4. Trucks must do as they're told!
  5. I am a royal red colour.
  6. I like to be really useful.
  7. I want to run on that line all the time.


  1. Hello. I'm Victor.
  2. Welcome to the Steamworks.
  3. What can I do for you, my friend?
  4. It's my job to fix really useful engines in trouble.
  5. I am really helpful.
  6. OK, you're fixed, my friend.
  7. Come and visit the Steamworks whenever you're in trouble.


  1. Hello. My name is Hiro.
  2. I'm the Master of the Railway
  3. I came here a long long time ago from another island.
  4. I was one of the first steam engines to arrive on Sodor.
  5. I was the scrap engine.
  6. This Jobi wood is from my country.
  7. I love all my Sodor friends.


  1. I'm Belle.
  2. We're the "bells" of Sodor.
  3. I just want to be Really Useful.
  4. I can put out fires faster than any other engines.
  5. Happy chuffing!
  6. I have a big, brass bell.
  7. Come and play with me.


  1. Hello. I'm Skarloey.
  2. I wish I can be mended and pulll coaches again.
  3. If I can't see all these familliar places and spaces, I'd think I was on a different railway.
  4. I'm a brave engine.
  5. I am a very old engine.
  6. This is lovely.
  7. I'm ashamed of you. You might have hurt your passengers.


  1. I'm Rheneas.
  2. I'm a gallant little engine.
  3. Ahh! I've got cramp!
  4. This helps a little engine to feel that at last, he has really come home.
  5. I must think of something excited to do.
  6. Must be special, must be special.
  7. Make sure you clean her wheel arches.

Sir Handel

  1. Hello. I'm Sir Handel.
  2. Those aren't coaches, they're cattle trucks!
  3. I can go faster than any of you.
  4. I have problems when I go up hills.
  5. I'm in charge of a very important special.
  6. I love telling stories of the Man in the Hills.
  7. I am blue with a no. 3 on my cab.


  1. Hello. I'm Duncan.
  2. My driver calls me rock n roll.
  3. Tunnels should be tunnels and not rabbit holes.
  4. Psssshhhhaw!
  5. Must think clearly, must think clearly.
  6. I'm enjoying doing my own job.
  7. I love rocking and rolling along the tracks.


  1. Hello. I'm Freddie.
  2. I am the fearless engine of all.
  3. Ding-a-long, ding-a-ling, find a bell with the very best ring.
  4. I'll race you down the mountain.
  5. Fearless Freddie never says no to a race.
  6. I am good friends with Colin the crane.
  7. Listen to that!

Mighty Mac

  1. I'm Mighty. And I'm Mac. And together, we're Mighty Mac!
  2. This way. No, this way!
  3. Look where you want to go. Then, follow the track that will take you there.
  4. We are two engines in one.
  5. We love taking holiday makers to the campsite.
  6. We're the strongest.
  7. We're here! And why are the holiday makers over there?


  1. Hello. I'm Duke
  2. I am very old.
  3. I work with Stuart and Falcon.
  4. That would never suit his grace!
  5. You just had a coat of paint. It would be a pity if you rolled down the mountain and spoiled it.
  6. It's no good. You can't win.
  7. I am friends with all the Narrow Gauge engines.


  1. Hello. I'm Luke.
  2. I've did something very bad.
  3. I work at the Blue Mountain Quarry with my friends,
  4. I am a little green engine.
  5. There's lots of busy engines at the Blue Mountain Quarry.
  6. I kocked a yellow engine into the sea.
  7. I am a busy engine.


  1. Hello. I'm Scruff.
  2. I love working at the Waste Dump.
  3. Let's get scrunching.
  4. I don't like being clean.
  5. I am small, square and very scruffy.
  6. We have lots of rubbish trucks to scrunch,
  7. What a Really Useful pair we are.


  1. I'm Bash.
  2. Shake, shake, make me quake!
  3. We'll try our best. We'll have a Bash!
  4. I'm one of the Logging Locos.
  5. I want to go home!
  6. You chuff out your cheeks.
  7. It's very, very hard.


  1. I'm Dash.
  2. Make me quake until I shake.
  3. We'll take our time. We'll never Dash!
  4. I work on Misty Island.
  5. You scrunch up your eyes.
  6. It takes a long, long time to learn.
  7. I'm sure you will twitter and tweet without me.


  1. I'm Ferdinand.
  2. Yippe!
  3. That's right!
  4. We'll huff and puff with all our might.
  5. You huff and you puff and the twitters will rise.
  6. I'm a big Logging Loco.
  7. I am a turquoise colour.


  1. Hello. I'm Stephen.
  2. Surprise!
  3. I used to be called the Rocket.
  4. I'm not that old to see knights in shining armour.
  5. I'm looking for my new job.
  6. Oh, that wasn't very clever now, was it?
  7. Peow! Slow train coming through! It's the Afternoon Tea Express!


  1. Hello there. I'm Connor.
  2. Wanna race with us?
  3. I bring passengers from the Mainland.
  4. I'm a very fast engine.
  5. I am streamlined.
  6. Let's race to Ulfstead Castle.
  7. I'll see you when you finally get there.


  1. Hello. I'm Caitlin.
  2. I love racing with Connor.
  3. I've never spend a night on Sodor before. Can I sleep at Tidmouth Sheds?
  4. Woo hoo!
  5. We've come for the opening of Ulfstead Castle to bring passengers from the Mainland.
  6. Let's work hard.
  7. Racing is what I love.


  1. Bonjour! I'm Millie.
  2. I run the estate railway for the Earl.
  3. I love working at Ulfstead Castle.
  4. Me and Stephen work hard showing guests around the castle.
  5. I deliver plants for the groundskeeper.
  6. I'm the Earl's privat engine.
  7. Au revior!


  1. Hello. My name's Porter.
  2. I work at Brendam Docks with Salty.
  3. I have three domes.
  4. Don't forget: water off a duck's back.
  5. The middle boiler is my steam boiler and the other two are my sandboxes.
  6. Which shed is the timber again? Where do you want the oil trucks? How many flatbeds do you need.
  7. Don't take us away from the sea, boys. Don't take us away from the sea.#


  1. I'm Diesel.
  2. You steamies are old and clapped out.
  3. We are revolutionary.
  4. Diesels are better than steamies.
  5. Grr grrr grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.
  6. Good morning.
  7. I am delighted to meet such famous engines.


  1. Hello. I'm Daisy.
  2. Uooo uooo.
  3. I'm highly sprung and pulling is bad for my swerves.
  4. Whatever is that rubbish?
  5. I just toot and animals go away.
  6. Keep your own bull's eyes!
  7. I am a pretty diesel.


  1. Hello. I'm Derek.
  2. I've got teething troubles, you know.
  3. I'm overheating!
  4. Oh my grease and oil!
  5. I'll soon sort this train out. You take the front and I'll push from behind.
  6. Everyone thinks I've got toothache.
  7. Oh, what's that?


  1. Hello. I'm BoCo.
  2. I am a Metropolitan-Vickers, Diesel-electric, Type 2.
  3. Do you mind?
  4. Stop! You're making me giddy!
  5. Take care, you two. Don't make the bees angry. They might sting you.
  6. Hmm. Here comes trouble.
  7. If I were you, I'd get back to work right away.


  1. Hello. I'm Splatter.
  2. Err, boss.
  3. Destroy? Did you say destroy?
  4. Watch what happens to the blue puffball when Harold the flopperchopper flies past.
  5. The boss dumped sneezing powder everywhere.
  6. These must be the buffers Diesel was looking for.
  7. No, do it yourself.


  1. I'm Dodge.
  2. We're here.
  3. That's easy. They're everywhere.
  4. D word. Like hurt?
  5. Let's start laughing now.
  6. Are we suppose to go through them?
  7. We don't like you. And we mean that.


  1. I'm 'Arry.
  2. You'll make very fine scrap indeed.
  3. Come to learn a thing or two from those who know?
  4. Our job's more important than any steamies' job.
  5. Now we're really stinky!
  6. We were here first!
  7. There he is.


  1. I'm Bert.
  2. Little green piggy in the middle.
  3. We've got a very important job to do.
  4. Scrap that steel!
  5. The most stinkiest engines ever!
  6. Hurry up with those valves.
  7. Mr. Special Steam himself.

Diesel 10

  1. I'm Diesel 10.
  2. Out of my way, you silly steamie.
  3. Diesels are the best.
  4. Pinchy's hungry.
  5. Welcome to the Dieselworks.
  6. The Steamworks is ours! It's all ours!
  7. You'll be laughing on the other side of your boilers soon, silly steamies.


  1. Hello. I'm Dart.
  2. What he means to say is that he's the boss. And I help him. A lot.
  3. I like jokes.
  4. Dizzy Diesels!
  5. I've asked and I've asked we need a new crane instead of old Happy Hook here.
  6. You're not Fiery Flynn, you're Fumbling Flynn!
  7. Ours is the grandest tree. It's green and it's glossy. It's bushy and bold.


  1. Hello. I'm Den.
  2. Err, well, what I mean to say is...
  3. We don't fix steamies at the Dieselworks.
  4. Come with us to the back shed.
  5. Dart, slow down. You'll get bashed and battered.
  6. Fiery Flynn fudges it!
  7. Ha ha! Chasing crows!


  1. Hello. I'm Rusty.
  2. I'm a shed and sidings inspection diesel.
  3. I'm the only diesel engine on the Narrow Gauge line.
  4. Excuse me, do you like bluebells?
  5. I love my two-toned horn.
  6. I can collect the workmen.
  7. Sound the alarm!


  1. Hello. I'm Paxton.
  2. I am a little green diesel.
  3. I help the little engines at the Blue Mountain Quarry.
  4. I take a like to some steamies.
  5. I can't help it. Look, there's a duck over there.
  6. Lost his puff? That sounds serious.
  7. Ha ha ha! He's Mr. Oily!


  1. I'm Norman.
  2. I work at the Dieselworks with my friends.
  3. I am Dennis' twin brother.
  4. I have a uni-brow.
  5. There's room for another engine at the Dieselworks if anyone wants to sleep there.
  6. I went to Tidmouth Sheds to fetch some trucks and they had loads of decorations.
  7. It's been about two years.


  1. I'm Sidney.
  2. I am a forgetful diesel.
  3. What about me? I'm a decoration.
  4. I have a lovely blue coat.
  5. I thought you were going to put the lights on the tree.
  6. I have yellow stripes below my face.
  7. I'm waiting for my wheels. I think the orders been misplaced.


  1. Hello. I'm Stafford.
  2. I'm an electric engine. I have a battery, not a boiler.
  3. I'm happy to help.
  4. I like to shunt trucks.
  5. I need my battery charged.
  6. Puff, puff, puff, puff! Chuff, chuff, chuff, chuff! Wheesh! Whoo-whoo!
  7. Steamie Stafford coming through!


  1. Hello. I'm Annie.
  2. I work on Thomas' branch line.
  3. I can carry lots of passengers.
  4. We're coming along, we're coming along.
  5. I face the front of the train.
  6. I love hearing the passengers chat in my carriage.
  7. Climb aboard and I will take you anywhere.


  1. I'm Clarabel.
  2. I am Thomas' brake coach.
  3. I can carry passengers, luggage and the guard.
  4. Let's go, let's go.
  5. Why don't you go fast, why don't you go fast?
  6. As fast as you like, as fast as you like.
  7. The guard blows the whistle and my passengers are ready to go.

Troublesome Trucks

  1. We're the Troublesome Trucks.
  2. On, on, on!
  3. Hold back, hold back!
  4. Pull, push, backwards, forwards!
  5. Hoorah, hoorah!
  6. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!
  7. Oh, oh, oh! Whatever is happening?


  1. Hello. I'm Toad.
  2. I loving working with Mr. Oliver.
  3. If you leave that S.C. Ruffey to last, you'll have him behind you. Then you can bump him if he starts his nonsense.
  4. I'm always going backwards.
  5. I could be a leader.
  6. Busy going backwards, so to speak.
  7. Snow is magical.


  1. Hello. I'm Henrietta.
  2. I am Toby's coach.
  3. Hip, hip, hooray!
  4. We work on the Quarry line.
  5. We won't stay here to be insulted!
  6. I make a cosy room for the lambs.
  7. I love working with Toby!


  1. I'm Hector.
  3. I'm scared.
  4. I'm a new truck and I'm scared because I haven't been filled with coal before. I don't know what it feels like. That's why I didn't want to be shunted.
  5. I'd like to be filled with coal too.
  6. I'm not so horrid after all.
  7. I'm a very heavy truck.


  1. Hello. I'm Rocky.
  2. I can lift any engine back on tracks.
  3. Happy to help.
  4. I work at the Sodor Search and Rescue Centre.
  5. I'm ready and waiting to go.
  6. I can fix this.
  7. I tell anyone if there's an emergancy.

Old Slow Coach

  1. Hello. I'm Old Slow Coach.
  2. I can't thank you enough. I feel splendid.
  3. I am happy as a workmen's hut.
  4. I'm what it?
  5. I am great friends with Thomas and Percy.
  6. I was almost scrapped.
  7. I think I'll be a hut forever!


  1. Hello. I'm Terence.
  2. I like ploughing fields.
  3. My caterpillar wheels can take me anywhere.
  4. Lovely stuff!
  5. Trees can be just as powerful as engines.
  6. I help anyone stuck in the snow.
  7. I'm the one who has to plough fields. We'd better get you out.


  1. Hello. I'm Trevor.
  2. I like children.
  3. I work at the Vicarage Orchard.
  4. I was happy when Edward saved me from scrap.
  5. I'm needed anywhere: at the airport, the harbour, the station yards or anywhere else.
  6. I am green with red wheels.
  7. I'm sometimes useful at steam fairs or parades.


  1. I'm Bulgy.
  2. Stupid nonsense. I wouldn't have brought them if I've known. I would have a breakdown or something.
  3. I know Bertie. He's too small in size to be in any use.
  4. One day, railways will be ripped up.
  5. Yah, boo, snubs!
  6. Silly hens. Silly passengers. You could have them both.
  7. A vegetable bus. That's not such a bad idea.


  1. Hello. I'm Kevin.
  2. Sorry, boss. Slip of the hook.
  3. Would you like a helping hook?
  4. I am a yellow crane.
  5. Swing the hook!
  6. Biff, bash, bosh!
  7. Anytime, boss. I mean, Thomas!


  1. Hello. I'm Flynn.
  2. I'll be there faster than fast.
  3. I'm Sodor's firefighter.
  4. Firefighter Flynn ready and steady and raring to save.
  5. Fiery Flynn to the rescue.
  6. I can go on both rails and roads.
  7. I'm Fiery Flynn. If you need me, just call. I'll fight any fire. I'll rescue you all.

Lorry 1

  1. I'm Lorry 1.
  2. Oh, look. It's a little green goblin on wheels. You'll be scrapped. Just you wait and see.
  3. I am known as a horrid lorry.
  4. All the jobs are now done by steamies.
  5. I have landed in the sea!
  6. What is this lump and steaming scrap iron?
  7. You just toodle off!


  1. I'm George.
  2. Railways are no good. Turn them into roads. Pull 'em up. Turn them into roads.
  3. You smirk around with your steamroller wheels pretending you're as good as me.
  4. I need to flatten little engines in the scrapyards.
  5. Ripping up rails. What a life. What do you think of this, Thomas?
  6. You're a useless blue puffball!
  7. I'll show him how's boss!


  1. Hello. I'm Butch.
  2. Ready for action!
  3. I have a special magnet.
  4. Red light on.
  5. Red light off.
  6. I'm proud of my magnet.
  7. I work for the Sodor Search and Rescue Team.


  1. I'm Bulstrode.
  2. I am a grumpy barge.
  3. Come on, come on. Why aren't you trucks where you should be?
  4. Ooooffff! I'm sinking!
  5. I have to be on the beach now.
  6. I want to be useful again.
  7. Get off me, children!


  1. Hello. I'm Jeremy.
  2. I'm a jet plane.
  3. Flying is the most fun in the world.
  4. From the air, I see the wonderful sights of Sodor all at once.
  5. You can see everything down there.
  6. I carry visitors and take them to the Airport.
  7. I sleep in a little hanger.


  1. Hello. I'm Owen.
  2. Going down. Next stop, right to the bottom.
  3. I love working at the Blue Mountain Quarry.
  4. Narrow Gauge trucks help fill up Standard Gauge.
  5. Me and Merrick make a great team.
  6. Top floor. Upper terrace. Boulder Drop and Blondin Bridge.
  7. This quarry is full of engines popping in and out of tunnels.


  1. Hello. I'm Merrick.
  2. Good morning, everybody.
  3. I'm useful at the Quarry.
  4. I am friends with Owen.
  5. I carry rocks of many kind.
  6. I snore very loudly.
  7. The rocks are needed at the stone cutting shed.


  1. I'm Cranky.
  2. I can see the engines from down below.
  3. You're useless little bugs.
  4. You two mites are in my way, so move over.
  5. I can't take anymore!
  6. You are Tiny Thomas!
  7. I don't medal with mail. That's you're job.


  1. Hello. I'm Captain.
  2. I'm a Really Useful life boat.
  3. Full steam ahead!
  4. I work with the Rescue Team.
  5. Ready and raring to be Really Useful.
  6. Time to rescue!
  7. Batter me broadside!


  1. Hello. I'm Colin.
  2. I work at the Wharf.
  3. Freddie's my friend.
  4. I was happy when Freddie brought a winter party to me.
  5. I load and unload barges.
  6. I am the colour green.
  7. I don't have wheels, I stay in one place.


  1. I'm Winston. Nice to meet you.
  2. I am the Fat Controller's track inspection car.
  3. The Fat Controller isn't used to driving me yet.
  4. I was trying to look for something.
  5. Never mind, sir. It's still early days.
  6. I wish I could go without a driver.
  7. Don't forget to put on my handbrakes.

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