• Adam as Sonic
  • Jake as Tails
  • Windsor as Knuckles
  • Slips Python as Shadow
  • Phineas Porpoise as Rotor
  • Ingrid as Sally
  • Nurse Gazelle as Bunnie
  • Virgil Bull Sharkoski as Dr. Robotnik
  • Chad as Snively
  • Karrie as Amy
  • Pixiefrog as Silver
  • Ms.warthog as Blaze
  • Lupe as Rouge

Version 1 DO NOT EDIT

  • Shadow as Adam
  • Silver as Jake
  • Tails as windsor (Both intelligent)
  • Sonic as slips (Both laid back cool)
  • Amy as lupe
  • Rouge as Carrie
  • Knuckles as pixiefrog
  • Scourge as bull (Both cruel bullies)
  • Julie su as Warthog
  • Sally as nurse gizzele
  • Blaze as Ingrid
  • Uncle chuck as that rhino teacher whoever his name is
  • Eggman as principle wolverine

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