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My Hero Mary is a Pokemon Puzzle League: The Series episode.


  • When Ash saves Mary from the wind, the little redhead becomes his servant. Skeeter, Mitchie, Kimiko and Zak try to figure out about Mary's heroship with Ash. Note: Kimiko is wearing her The Apprentice outfit.


  • Ash Ketchum
  • Mary
  • Skeeter Valentine
  • Mitchie Ohara
  • Kimiko Tohomiko
  • Zak Saturday


Part 1

  • (We see Mary hanging on an out of control kite)
  • Mary: Whoa!
  • (Mary hits the trees, scaring away several Pidgey and Pidove)
  • Mary: Yikes!
  • (Mary splashes into the water, scaring away several Goldeen and Finneon)
  • Mary: Aagh!
  • (The rope tangles into the tree, but Mary still hangs on)
  • Mary: Help, big brother!
  • Ash: I'll save you. Bayleef, use your vine whip to get Mary to safety.
  • Bayleef: Bay! (uses vine whip to take Mary to safety)
  • Mary: Oh, big brother, you saved me!
  • Ash: It was only the wind, Mary.
  • Skeeter: Wow, Ash, you saved your little sister.
  • Mitchie: You're the man, my boyfriend.
  • Kimiko: You did an excellent job!
  • Zak: Well done, Ash.
  • Ash: It was all nothing.
  • (We cut to Ash and the gang at home)
  • Ash: As an honor of being saved, i'll make you your servant.
  • Mary: Wow, big brother, thanks!
  • Kimiko: (takes off her hat) You're a knight in shining armor.
  • Mary: (laughs)
  • (We see Mary in her room)
  • Mary: I just can't wait for my big brother to come.
  • (Ash arrives, carrying waffles on his plate)
  • Ash: Here's the waffles, Mary.
  • Mary: Delicious! (starts eating waffles)
  • (Mary ventures into the kitchen)
  • Mary: What are you doing?
  • Mitchie: Cleaning the dishes. I had to wear my pink rubber gloves.
  • Mary: That's awesome.
  • (We see Kimiko wearing pink rubber gloves, washing Mary's clothes)
  • Mary: What are you washing?
  • Kimiko: Your clothes, Mary.
  • Mary: I wish i can be a hero.
  • (we cut to Mary in a tree, tied up with a blue rope)
  • Mary: Now all i had to do is wait for my big brother to come. Oh, big brother. Maybe i better look for him.
  • (Mary runs away, leaving the blue rope behind just as Ash sees it)
  • Ash: Oh, my. What a very long blue rope. I better return it.
  • (Ash tries to carry the blue rope, but he slips backwards)
  • Ash: Whoa!
  • (Shaggy is walking along the road when he notices Ash)
  • Shaggy: Zoinks!
  • (Ash crashes into him)
  • Ash: I tought Mary saved me.
  • Shaggy: Like you're right.
  • (We see Mary cutting the whole tree)
  • Mary: There. Now all i had to do is call my big brother again. Oh, big brother.
  • Skeeter: (comes in) What's the problem Mary?
  • Mary: (steps on a tree which falls down) Oops!
  • (We cut to The Steamettes at the garden)
  • Aya: Hurry, we don't have time to plant some trees.
  • Satsuki: What a long day.
  • Charmaine: Planting trees makes us tired.
  • Marissa: Look behind you, steamettes!
  • (The Steamettes look back and notice a tree about to fall on them)
  • Aya: Yikes!
  • (A loud Kuh-Thud! is heard)
  • Marissa: (takes out the bushes) May you better be careful, trees may fall on you.
  • Aya: You're right, Marissa. That Mary always saves her life.
  • (We see Mary on top of another high tree)
  • Mary: Oh, big brother.
  • Zak: What are you doing, Mary? You know you can't climb a tree now get down here.
  • Mary: Sorry i can't. I always save my life. See ya.
  • Zak: I'll get you Maryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!
  • (Zak gets launched into the air but Koga saves him with a glider)
  • Koga: You have to be very careful, Zak. It's too dangerous.
  • Zak: I got it.
  • (Suddenly, the top of the glider flies out from under the boys)
  • Koga: Uh oh.
  • (Koga and Zak fall down screaming and another loud Kuh-Thud! is heard as they land onto the ground)
  • (End of Part 1)

Part 2

  • (We see Ash and the gang at home)
  • Ash: My little sister always saves her life. I tried to carry the blue rope but i crashed into Shaggy.
  • Shaggy: Like you had to be very careful.
  • Skeeter: She even tried to call you, but she accidentally called me.
  • Aya: Even when she cut down the tree, it fell right on top of us while we were planting.
  • Satsuki: How can Mary be a hero if she's too small.
  • Charmaine: Come to think of it, she always saves her life.
  • Marissa: What if you become Power Mary.
  • Mary: Huh? (starts imagining herself as Power Mary) I don't think i won't be a super hero.
  • Marissa: Aww, i thought you wanted to become a hero.
  • Zak: But she also ignored her warning. I tried to get away but i got launched into the air.
  • Aya: And my brother saved you with a glider.
  • Zak: (laughs nervously)
  • Mitchie: Come to think of it, Mary. We're going to have a celebration for you.
  • Mary: Oh really?
  • Kimiko: Yes, Mary. A birthday party for you.
  • Ash: This is gonna be terrific!
  • (We cut to Ash and the others outside, wearing birthday hats)
  • Skeeter: This cake is perfect for when Mary comes.
  • Kimiko: Have you seen her?
  • Skeeter: I almost forgot. I better find her.
  • (we see Mary walking along the forest, singing a little song when a Beedrill flies in)
  • Mary: What are you doing, you silly bee? I'm on my way to the party.
  • (Mary blows the Beedrill into the flower which it lets out a trumpet fanfare, summoning a swarm of angry ones)
  • Mary: Help!
  • Skeeter: (as Scramble! plays) Come on, your heroship, no time for dessert.
  • Mary: Where are we going?
  • Skeeter: I don't know, but i'll take a shortcut.
  • (Mary and Skeeter race toward a corner with the angry Beedrill following them)
  • Mary: Yikes! They're after us!
  • Skeeter: Huh? (notices the angry Beedrill catching up) Whoa!
  • (Skeeter and Mary run even faster as they get away from the Beedrill and back outside Ash's house)
  • Shaggy: Like, where have you been?
  • Skeeter: We were chased by a swarm of Beedrill but i got Mary to safety.
  • Ash: You were lucky, little sister.
  • Mary: Thanks, big brother.
  • Mitchie: Time to sing happy birthday to Mary.
  • Everyone: Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Mary, happy birthday to you.
  • Ash: Blow the candle, Mary.
  • Mary: (blows the candle) I did it, big brother!
  • Kimiko: Ha! This is your lucky day.
  • Mitchie: Three cheers for Mary, our hero of the day! Hip hip hooray!
  • Others: Hip hip hooray, hip hip hooray.
  • Mary: Thank you, big brother and thank you everyone. This is the best birthday i ever had!
  • Ash: Aww, thanks. I'll give you a hug.
  • (Ash hugs Mary)
  • Mary: I love you, big brother.
  • Aya: Aww, she's the hero.
  • Satsuki: Yeah, our hero.
  • Charmaine: (chuckles) She's truly a hero for all heroes.
  • (Aya and Satsuki nod)
  • (End of Part 2)

Part 3

  • (We see Ash and the gang eating cake)
  • Ash: (with his mouth full) This sure is a delicious cake.
  • Shaggy: Like you know how much you love the cake.
  • Mary: This has been the best birthday ever had, big brother.
  • Kimiko: But of course, you're the biggest hero ever had.
  • Mary: Thanks.
  • Mitchie: Now let's get back to business and continue eating cake.
  • Others: Right!
  • (all the others start eating cake and that night)
  • Ash: Sweet dreams, little sister.
  • Mary: Good night, big brother. (takes a nap and snores)
  • (Kimiko turns off the light)
  • Kimiko: So have you spent the party?
  • Ash: Well it's very nice, but i'm through with the heroship.
  • Skeeter: I'm glad that's over.
  • Zak: Thanks, Ash.
  • Mitchie: I'm going to love you, my boyfriend. (gives Ash a kiss)
  • Ash: (blushes) Thanks, Mitchie.
  • (Everyone laughs as the episode ends)
  • (End of Part 3)

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