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  1. The Circus The Movie-The Ponies, Megan, Danny, Molly & I going to the circus. Later on, Baby Buttons was Captured by The Evil ringmaster, lock her in the cage and put her in a cage. Then Baby Button befriend A lion-cub named Boris from The Oz Kids. They's going to miss the Circus.Can I, The poines, Megan, Molly & Danny rushes away on their horses and rescues Baby Button & Boris from the evil ringmaster Now Before The Circus Start?
  2. My Little Pony Meets Alvin & The Chipmunks-
  3. Fizzy In Love-Fizzy Has A Crush On a Bunny Pony.
  4. Baby Lofty's Prove Herself-Baby Lofty Has A Crush On A Kangaroo Pony Named Jake.

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