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  • Rainbow Dash as Flik
  • Princess Celestia as Princess Atta
  • Sweetie Belle as Dot
  • Granny Smith as The Queen
  • Angel the Bunny as Aphie
  • Discord as Hopper
  • Sunset Shimmer as Molt
  • Queen Chrysalis as Thumper
  • Scootaloo and Apple Bloom as Axel and Loco
  • The Diamond Dogs as The Fly Brothers
  • The Changelings as The Grasshoppers
  • Twilight Sparkle as Dr Flora
  • Applejack as Mr Soil
  • Spike as Thorny
  • Mr. Carrot Cake as Cornelius
  • Princess Luna as Rosie
  • Snips and Snails as Tuck and Roll
  • Pinkie Pie as Francis
  • Bon Bon as Hemilich
  • Fluttershy as Dim
  • Lyra as Slim
  • Miss Cheerilee as Gypsy
  • Big Macintosh as Manny
  • Dr. Whooves as P.T Flea


  • Applejack as Flik
  • Twilight Sparkle as Princess Atta
  • Scootaloo as Dot
  • Granny Smith as The Queen
  • Angel Bunny as Aphie
  • Queen Chrysalis as Hopper
  • Thorax as Molt
  • Changeling as Molt
  • Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon as Axel and Loco
  • Teenage Dragons as The Fly Brothers
  • Nurse Redheard as Dr. Flora
  • Bill Neigh as Mr. Soil
  • Bulk Biceps as Thorny
  • Geri as Cornelius
  • Rainbow Dash as Rosie
  • Snips and Snails as Tuck and Roll
  • Bon Bon as Francis
  • Pinkie Pie as Heimlich
  • Big McIntosh as Dim
  • Rarity as Slim
  • Fluttershy as Gypsy
  • Trixie as Manny
  • Discord as P.T Flea

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