• Twilight Sparkle as Elephant
  • Zecora as Zebra
  • Noi as Tiger
  • Spitfire as Lion
  • Medley as Rhino
  • Applejack as Horse
  • Scootaloo as Dog
  • Apple Bloom as Cat
  • Flitter as Duck
  • Raindrops as Frog
  • Apple Tarty as Crocodile
  • Pinkie Pie as Flamingo
  • Lily Valley as Turtle
  • Rainbowshine as Ostrich
  • Pink Lady as Peacock
  • Fluttershy as Butterfly
  • Rose as Bee
  • Berry Punch as Antelope
  • Lemon Hearts as Cheetah
  • Sweetie Belle as Bird
  • Cherry Berry as Fox
  • Mulia Mild as Bear
  • Lyrica Lilca as Hippo
  • Twist as Pig
  • Derpy as Monkey
  • Rarity as Panda
  • Royal Ribbon as Kangaroo
  • Matilda as Cow
  • Granny Smith as Snake
  • Marble Pie as Penguin
  • Cloudchaser as Rabbit
  • Aura as Owl
  • Rainbow Dash as Giraffe
  • Florina as Gorilla
  • Sassaflash as Deer
  • Blossomforth as Anteater

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