Main Characters:

Flash Sentry as Arthur Read

Sweetie Belle as D.W Read

Pumpkin-Cake as Kate Read

Snails as Buster Baxter

Pipsqueak as The Brain (Alan Powers)

Snips as Binky Barnes

Twilight Sparkle as Francine Frensky

Rarity as Muffy Crosswire

Fluttershy as Fern Walters

Applejack as Jenna Morgan

Pinkie Pie as Sue Ellen Armstrong

Rainbow Dash as Prunella Deegan


Mr. Cake as David Read

Ms. Cake as Jane Read

Blue Bobbin as Bitzi Baxter

Pipsqueak's Mom as Mrs. Powers

Coriander Cumin as Mr. Barnes

Saffron Masala as Ms. Barnes

Night Light as Oliver Frensky

Twilight Velvet as Laverne Frensky

Cadence as Catherine Frensky

Hondo Flanks as Ed Crosswire

Cookie Crumbles as Millicent Crosswire

Mr. Shy as Mr. Walters

Mrs. Shy as Doria Walters

Bright Mac as Mr. Morgan

Pear Butter as Mrs. Morgan

Igneous Rock as Mr. Armstrong

Cloud Quartz as Ms. Armstrong

Windy Whistles as Wanda Deegan


Princess Luna as Mr. Ratburn

Princess Celestia as Mr. Haney

Tough Customers:

Discord as Rattles Ciccone

Gilda as Molly MacDonald

Score as Slink

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