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Rainbow Dash as Arthur

Apple Bloom as D.W

Twilight Sparkle as Jane Reed

Time Turner as David Reed.

Braeburn as Buster

Owlicous as Pal.

Pinkie Pie as Muffy

Flutterhsy as Fern

Snipps as Binky

Sweetie Belle as The Brain

Rarity as Francine

Spike as George

Dinky Doo as Carl

Big Macintosh as Mr. Barnes/Mr. Frensky/Mr. Crosswire/Mr. Walters

AppleJack as Mrs. Barnes/Mrs. Baxter/Mrs. Frensky/Mrs. Crosswire/Mrs. Walters

Granny Smith as Mrs. MacGrady/Grandma Thora/Mrs. Pariso

Pumpkin Cake as Kate

Maggie Simpson (The Simpsons franchise) as Mei Lin

Scootaloo as Nadine

Cast (Treelocamerahannah44215's version)

Twilight Sparkle as Arthur Reed

Sweetie Belle as D.W. Reed

Pinkie Pie as Buster Baxter (both like junk food)

Spike as Pal

Rainbow Dash as Francine Frensky

Rarity as Muffy Crosswire

Snips and Snails as The Tibble Twins

Fluttershy as Fern

Big Mackintosh as Binky Barns

Applejack as Binky's mom

Twist as Emily

Apple Bloom as Nadine

Granny Smith as Mrs. McGrady, Grandma Thora

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