Angel as Cuddles

Fluttershy as Giggles

Spike as Toothy

Derpy as Lumpy

Rarity as Petunia

Big Macintosh as Handy

Twist as Nutty

Gizmo as Sniffles

Mr. Cake as Pop

Pound Cake as Cub

Shoeshine as Flaky

Mare Do Well as The Mole

Too Flashy as Disco Bear

Pipsqueak as Russell

Auizotles Cat and Fluttershy's Cat and Lifty and Shifty

Too Silly as Mime

Hoops as Cro Marmot

Discord as Flippy

Hum Drum as Splendid

Princess Celestia as Buddist Monkey

Babs Seed as Lammy

Mr. Soda as Mr. Pickels

Piggy Tiara as Truffles

Parasprites as Ants

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