Applejack as Inuyasha 

Rainbow Dash as Kagome 

Twilight Sparkle as Miroku

Fluttershy as Sango 

Spike as Shippo

Opalescence as Kirara (cute form) they're both cat

Rarity as Kikyo 

Nightmare Moon as Naraku

Granny Smith as Kaede 

Big Macintosh as Koga

Pinkie Pie as Sesshomaru

Apple Bloom as Rin

Gummy as Jaken

Sweetie Belle as Kanna

Scootaloo as Kageromaru

Pound Cake as Infant 

Featherweight as Kohaku 

Sue (Pinkie Pie's Mother) as Sesshomaru's Mother

Applejack's Father as Inu no Taisho

Applejack's Mother as Izayoi

Saber Tooth as Kirara

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