• Pinkie Pie as Johnny Test (both are hyperactive party animals)
  • Twilight Sparkle as Dukey Test (both smart and responsible)
  • Applejack as Mary Test (both voiced by Ashleigh Ball)
  • Mr. Cake as Mr. Test
  • Mrs. Cake as Mrs. Test
  • Rainbow Dash as Susan Test (hint: SoarinxRainbow Dash)
  • Soarin' as Gil Nexdor
  • Rarity as Sissy
  • Opal as Missy
  • Princess Celestia as the General
  • Angel as Mr. Black
  • Spike as Mr. White
  • Snips as Eugene "Bling-Bling Boy" Hamilton (both are voiced by Lee Tockar)
  • Snails as Wacko
  • The Pegasi Bullies as Bumper and his gang
  • Discord as Dark Vegan
  • Apple Bloom as Jillian Vegan
  • Cheerilee as Teacherman(both are teachers despite having opposite personalities)
  • Bubble Berry as Joanie West
  • Duskshine as Dutchie West
  • Male Applejack as Mark West
  • Rainbow Blitz as Simon West
  • Sugar as Eugenia/Glam Glam Girl
  • Prince Solaris as Female General

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