Twilight Sparkle as Noonbory

Applejack as Pongdybory

Rainbow Dash as Jetybory

Rarity as Lunabory

Fluttershy as Cozybory

Pinkie Pie as Totobory

Spike as Mamby

Trixie as Lukybory

Princess Celestia as Hanubi

Discord as Wangury

King Sombra as Dozegury

Queen Chrysalis as Rozegury

Princess Luna as Coldygury

Cheerlie as Babysitterbory

Red Heart as Doctorbory

The Cutie Mark Crusaders and the Cake Twins as the Kidborys

Babs Seed as Breadbory

Carrot Cake as Bakerbory

Big McIntosh as Farmerbory

Pipsqueak as Cabbagebory

Para sprites as Dotories

MP3 Pony as MCbory

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