Shining Armor as Bob Parr (Mr. Incredible)

Cadence as Helen Parr (Elastigirl)

Rainbow Dash as Dash Parr

Twilight Sparkle as Violet Parr

Spike as Jack Jack Parr

Flash Sentry as Lucius Best (Frozone)

Rarity as Edna E Mode

Discord as Buddy Pine (Syndrome)

Princess Luna as Mirage

Princess Celestia as Rick Dicker

Trixie Lulamoon as Gilbert Huph

Pinkie Pie as Kari McKeen

Timber Spruce as Tony Rydinger

Cheerile as Principal John Walker

Mayor Mare as Bernie Kropp

Granny Smith as Mrs. Hogenson

Dr. Caballeron as Bomb Voyage

Mane-iac as Underminer

Silver Spoon as Squeaker's Owner

Celestia's Royal Guards as Police Officers

Garble as Mugger

Luna's Royal Guards as Syndrome's Guards

All Aboard as Frank

Special Delivery as Ollie

Snips as Rusty Mcallister

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