Twilight Sparkle as Thomas

Fluttershy as Edward

Applejack as Henry

Rainbow Dash as Gordon

Rarity as James

Spike as Percy

Zecora as Toby

Pinkie Pie as Emily

Princess Luna as Elizabeth

Pipsqueak as Salty

Discord as Diesel

Cranky Doodle Donkey as Cranky


1. Too Hot for Twilight Sparkle

2. Pinkie Pie's Adventure

3. You Can Do it, Zecora!

4. Rainbow Dash Takes Charge

5. Fluttershy the Great

6. Rarity Goes Too Far

7. Spike and the Magic Carpet

Learning Segments

1. Dot to Dot - Fluttershy

2. Applejack huffs out of the Station


1. A World Around You

2. Pony Roll Call

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