Version 1 (by Nephelodeon)

  • Pinkie Pie as Wander (both are energetic and optimistic)
  • Rainbow Dash as Sylvia (both are quick-tempered fighters)
  • King Sombra as Lord Hater
  • Trixie as Commander Peepers
  • Crystal Ponies as Watchdogs
  • Queen Chrysalis as Lord Dominator
  • Changelings as Dominator-Bots
  • Thorax as Beep Boop
  • Discord as Major Threat
  • Lightning Dust as Emperor Awesome
  • Ahuizotl as General McGuffin
  • Diamond Tiara as Little Bits
  • Prince Blueblood as Sir Brad Starlight
  • Fluttershy as Princess Demurra (both are very sweet with animals)
  • Gilda as Ryder
  • The Wonderbolts as the Insurgent Generals
  • Derpy Hooves as Something the So and So
  • The Smooze as the Black Cube (neither of them can speak, but they can both be dangerous)
  • The Mane-iac as Dr. Screwball Jones (both are completely insane)
  • Daring Do as Emily Ripov
  • Mulia Mild as Stella Starbella
  • Gustave le Grand as Mandrake the Malfeasant

Version 2

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