Version 1 (Made By BrittalCroftFan)

  • Twilight Sparkle as Winnie The Pooh
  • Spike as Piglet
  • Rarity as Rabbit
  • Rainbow Dash as Tigger
  • Big Macintosh as Eeyore
  • Spongebob (from Spongebob) as Ash
  • Patrick (from Spongebob) as Pikachu
  • Squidward (from Spongebob) as Brock
  • Sandy (from Spongebob) as Misty
  • Geary (from Spongebob) as Togepi
  • Cranky Doodle Donkey as Buzzie
  • Sea Serpent as Flaps
  • Angle as Ziggy
  • Chief Thunderhooves as Dizzy
  • Soarin as Jiminy Cricket
  • Plankton (from Spongebob) as Professor Ratigan
  • Squilliam (from Spongebob) as Fidget
  • Discord as Bowser

The Dumbo Characters as Snow White Characters

  • Sonia (from Sonic Underground) as Snow White
  • Knuckles (from Sonic Underground) as The Prince
  • The Queen Of Hearts (from Alice In Wonderland) as The Evil Queen
  • Casey Jr as The Magic Mirrior
  • Frollo (from The Hunchback Of Notre Dame) as The Huntsaman
  • Catty as Doc
  • Matriarch as Grumpy
  • Giddy as Happy
  • Mr Smee (from Peter Pan) as Sleepy
  • Goofy (from Mickey Mouse) as Bashful
  • Prissy as Sneezy
  • Dumbo as Dopey
  • Godzilla (1964) (from Godzilla) as The Witch
  • Sleet and Dingo (from Sonic Underground) as The Vultures
  • Smitty as Raven
  • The Other Disney Characters as The Forest Animals

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