• Twilight Sparkle as Yugi Moto 
  • Rainbow Dash as Joey Wheeler 
  • Rarity as Seto Kaiba 
  • Applejack as Mai Valentine 
  • Spike as Leon 
  • Vinyl Scratch as Pegasus
  • Sweetie Belle as Mokuba Kaiba 
  • Fluttershy as Tea Gardner 
  • Big Macintosh as Arthur Hawkins
  • Trixie as Zane Truesdale
  • Spitfire as Serenity Wheeler
  • Prince Blueblood as Noah Kaiba
  • Shining Armor as Leichter
  • Discord as Allister
  • Iron Will as Bandit Keith
  • Dr. Whooves as Ryo Bakura
  • Granny Smith as Solomon Muto
  • Applebloom as Rebecca Hawkins

Voice Cast

  • Dan Green- Twilight Sparkle 
  • Wayne Grayson- Rainbow Dash  
  • Eric Stuart- Rarity 
  • Megan Hollingshead(formerly)- Applejack
  • Erica Schroeder(current)- Applejack 
  • Andrew Rannells- Spike, Prince Blueblood 
  • Darren Dunstan- Vinyl Scratch 
  • Tara Jayne- Sweetie Belle
  • Amy Birnbaum- Fluttershy 
  • Mike Pollock- Big Macintosh 
  • Scottie Ray- Trixie 
  • Lisa Ortiz- Spitfire  
  • Sean Schemmel- Shining Armor  
  • Ted Lewis- Discord, Iron Will, Dr. Whooves  
  • Maddie Blaustein- Granny Smith 
  • Kerry Williams- Applebloom 

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