That was the first generation of my little pony (TV Series), and My Little Pony Tales just for 26 Episodes. In Generation Two It's Made into a PC called Friendship Garden Ponies in 1998. In Generation Three was began in 2003 of my little pony. Only earth ponies were released 2003 to 2005, but in 2005 and 2006 Pegasus Ponies and Unicorn Ponies were Introduced. In Generation Four DHX Media Release from the start of My Little Pony Friendship is Magic in 2010, it's show two seasons for 52 episodes and season 3 show 13 Episodes includes three missing episodes when rock a-by twilight 3-Parts between games ponies play and magical mystery cure been re-release from latest February 2013, and season 4 have been released in winter 2013 (includes twilight sparkle the unicorn pony in rock a-by Twilight 3 Parts) was in 22 episodes and 3 to add on to make 25, as another season comes out but sadly brony-con has shutdown and in June 2014 for my little pony g4, it has been canceled so one bonus episode moves on to the 8th February 2015 called "When You Wish That Scootaloo Came To This" so that was the final episode of finale, My Little Pony Friendship is Magic has been finished includes 91 Episodes, don't worry you can watch my little pony g4 if you like.

So let jump to generation Five it's called My Little Pony Megan and Friends creators in CGI from the start on April 14th 2015 for the first season from the girls show on US on the hub and UK on mornings in channel five on milkshake and songs included was well.

Season One

  1. Pilot
  2. Ghosty and the coins
  3. The Circus Ponies
  4. Wind Whistler the work painter
  5. Mystery Animals
  6. The Pegasus Race
  7. Starrich loves to play
  8. Megan has a new friend
  9. Lesson One
  10. The Monster Quest
  11. Magic Wishes
  12. Make Way for Sweetheart
  13. Apple for Life
  14. Time for Fun
  15. Read It to Us

Season Two

  1. What More
  2. Halloween Ponies
  3. Dark in the Cave
  4. Blue is my colour
  5. Best Friends Fever
  6. Call of the Dragons
  7. Megan The Ticket Master
  8. Friendship is Wonderful
  9. The Show Starters
  10. Party of Three
  11. Fruits and Juices
  12. Starrich and the Bird
  13. Wind Whistler and the runaway express
  14. Roundup The Show
  15. Lesson Two
  16. Starrich and Firefly
  17. What Goes Up and What Comes Down
  18. Ponies and the Kite
  19. Animals for Life
  20. Dress Tonight
  21. The Busy Ponies Working
  22. Megan has her Grandmother
  23. Fly Another Day
  24. Firefly the Teacher of Pony Land
  25. One Bad Apple Fruit
  26. Time for a Party
  27. what's wrong with Dizzysolo
  28. Star in the Eyes
  29. Tell Tales
  30. Dizzysolo Makes More Messy
  31. A Friend in Need
  32. Megan makes a Wonderful Christmas

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