My Little Pony Season 1/Thomas and the Magic Railroad

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  • Twilight Sparkle as Thomas
  • Spike as Percy
  • Bon Bon as Annie
  • Heart strings/Lyra as Clarabel
  • Princess Celestia as Mr Conductor
  • Deeply Hooves as Mr Conductor Junior
  • Cheerilee as Stacey Jones
  • Apple Bloom as Lilly
  • Granny Smith as Lilly's Mom
  • Big Macintosh as Burnett Stone
  • Pinkie Pie as Patch
  • Rainbow Dash as Gordon
  • Fluttershy as Toby
  • Gilda as Splatter
  • Trixie as Dodge
  • Scootaloo as James
  • Sweetie Belle as Henry
  • Philomena as Harold
  • Nightmare Moon as Diesel 10
  • Rarity as Lady

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