Here they are. They are fanon! Upload images of cover art for the VHS tapes and the Nick ending cards here! TBA until i edit.

Sailor Moon: The Power of Friendship (Paramount Home Video version)

  1. Blank screen
  2. NickToons on Videocassette
  3. Nickelodeon (UK) - Nicktoons TV Promo - 1997
  4. Chuckie the Brave advert
  5. Sailor Moon on Nickelodeon advert
  6. Feature Presentation (Paramount) logo
  7. FBI Warning
  8. Title Card for the VHS.


  1. Computer School Blues
  2. Time Bomb
  3. An Uncharmed Life
  4. Nightmare in Dreamland (UNCUT)
  5. Tuxedo Melvin
  6. Cruise Blues (renamed to the english translation of the japanese title:"I Want a Boyfriend Too! A Trap on a Luxury Cruise Ship"
  7. A Moon Star Is Born


Sailor Moon Credits

DiC Entertainment logo

Nickelodeon VHS Ending Scene'

Blank Screen

White Screen of Death

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