Hi there. Today, I am going to do a review-like of the CGI Series. Similar to the reviews on YouTube, but a little better. So, let's get started

Season 12

I did enjoy this season. When I first saw it, I didn't know that the engines have CGI faces. It's so cool. Especially with Duck, Oliver, Stepney and Toad returning. Shame it didn't came after The Great Discovery, which is the last model movie. The engines were still model then and model faces appeared in the background. The new characters, Hank, Flora and Colin are good. This is a 7/10.

Hero of the Rails

This is the first full CGI movie. I loved it. Especially Hiro, Victor and Kevin, the new characters. The song, Go, Go Thomas was nice as well. I got a shock when I first saw it on YouTube. I thought it was catchy. What I like is seeing all the engines well animated. Spencer as a villan is good too. Diesel 10 didn't appear on it, but that doesn't matter. He was on the second one. That's a 6/10.

Season 13

The first full CGI season. I loved it. Charlie's so funny. I'm pleased that Alicia Botti was in it. The song Roll Along was nice. When I first saw it, I didn't know what some episodes are, but I knew them now when I saw them. I got shocked at the full CGI pictures from Thomas and the Stinky Cheese. This is a 9/10.

Misty Island Rescue

The movie is very nice. Bash, Dash and Ferdinand were so funny. Captain is nice as well. The return of Diesel 10 was so unexpecting. Seeing Butch was good too. Scruff didn't appear in it though. What a nice movie. 8/10.

Season 14

That season is not bad as the others. Finally, Scruff was introduced. 'Arry, Bert, Mr. Percival and Jem Cole returned and I was so glad. Sad that Bill and Ben didn't appear. Sooner or later, they'll come back. Ferdinand was funny in Jumping Jobi Wood when he called The Fat Controller boss. That's a 9.2/10.

Season 15

I loved that season. Some people hate it, but I like it. The highlights were good. One of my favourite highlights is Butch speaking for the first time. Another one is Stanley and Bertie's speaking roles in the CGI Series. Belle, Flynn, Dart, Den, Paxton and Norman were very nice. This is a very good season. 9/10.

Day of the Diesels

That is a very good movie. I liked the idea of it being on Sprout before the release. I saw it on YouTube. Shame it's deleted. It showed Belle, Flynn, Dart, Den, Paxton and Norman even though they were in Season 15. Stanley spoke in it too. I liked the song. The song does sound a little like Go, Go Thomas, isn't it? The special showed a new character called Sidney. He just had a couple of appearances. Some of my favourite parts are when Diesel 10 and the others took over the Steamworks and when Percy told the diesels a joke. He acted just like Charlie who made a cameo in this film. That's a 10/10 because it's better than Hero of the Rails and greater than Misty Island Rescue.

Season 16

The return of a couple of things including the Narrow Gauge engines in Don't Bother Victor, the Sodor Suspension Bridge and the Flying Kipper in Whiff's Wish and the Lighthouse in Thomas and the Rubbish Train. Lots of engines made cameos and I'm pretty sure that was City of Truro in the book at the beginning of Flash, Bang, Wallop! One of my favourites of this season is Percy and the Calliope. Despite the goof of Percy rolling without his crew, I liked the idea of the Classic Series theme being played. I was surprised that I heard that Mike O'Donnel and Junior Campbell were given credit. A 10/10 like Day of the Diesels and I can't wait for Christmas Tree Express.

Blue Mountain Mystery

That was a great movie. I should say on Season 16 that Winston appeared even though his popular appearance was in this movie. I loved the other characters Luke, Merrick and Owen. The CGI flashbacks were good. I loved how they recreated three Classic Series episodes I know and love. They could do better, but who cares? They should do this in future seasons and movies. This is the first movie to have another language which is Victor speaking Spanish. The CGI flashbacks happened when the engines were thinking about what they did bad. But those things weren't bad enough to be sent away from Sodor forever. Even Diesel's scene from Misty Island Rescue were included. Paxton appeared, Annie and Clarabel spoke again and I loved every bit of it. It's a 9/10

I will do more reviews when Season 17 and The WWII Movie are on DVDs and TV.

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