These are my Japanese U.S. Acres Moe Animorphisims. Each character's last name is meaningful, for example, Orson's means "book love", and Wade's means "fear", but his full name means "fears water".

Orson= 本愛オミ (Omi Honai)

Roy=悪戯リカ (Rika Akugi)

Booker= 冒険的べにこ (Beniko Boukenteki)

Shelldon= 卵殻さき (Saki Rankaku)

Bo= 満潮びこう (Bikou Manchou)

Lanolin= 空耳れいか (Reika Soramimi)

Wade= 恐怖ウミ (Umi Kyoufu)

Aloysius= 値するあや (Aya Ataisuru)

Lenore=桜ピュア (Pure Sakura)

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