Sans:Is That

Papyrus:An Video


Tip:You Better Delete "All the Single Furries" Right Now!

Cartman:Screw You Guys I'm Going Home

Frank:You're F*cking Idiot,Close Your

Account Now! No One Cares About Furries!

Papyrus:Do You Think She'll Love It

Kenny:(You Must Close Your Account Right Now) (You're Freaking Cringed!)

Papyrus:Sans! We Can't Upload A Wrong Song of Furries!

Henry Hugglemonster:(roars)

Sans:Bad Time!




Scar:You are a Cancerous Tumor!

Bugs Bunny:You Must Remove Your Videos! Now!

Flowey:Howdy Leave Your Furries Alone!

Shrek:Nooooo!!!!!! (Roaring)

Rocky:Plz Get Off of This Type

Mettaton NEO:Help Me Out Stinky Skusky!

Muffet:Hey! Leave It Alone Right Now!

Doggo:Hey! Delete This And Close it Now!

Frank:This is This Not Okay Delete the Videos,Now!

Papyrus:*bleh Bleh bleh bleh* Plz Leave It Alone!!!

Angel:This is A Assault Stinky Skusky and I have No complaints too

Kenny:(leave yo furries alone)

Papyrus:Don't Be Afraid Spagghetti!


Catty:Stop Ruining U Like

Bratty:Remove Then or Something Reported You

SaberTooth Cat:(roars )


Judy:I'm Am Not a Good Youtuber.

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