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  • red bird as ten cents
  • black bird as big mac
  • white bird as o.j. (i know white bird is female)
  • yellow bird as top hat
  • green bird as warrior
  • big brother bird as hercules
  • blue bird as sunshine
  • mighty eagle as captain star
  • moustache pig as zorran
  • helmet pig as zebedee
  • large pig as zak
  • small pig as zug
  • medium pig as zip
  • king pig as captain zero
  • orange bird as grampus
  • female red bird as lillie lightship
  • donatello (from TMNT) as izzy gomez
  • pink bird as sally seaplane
  • female white bird as pearl
  • other 2 blue birds as burke and blair
  • spencer (from ttte) as bluenose
  • ice cube bird as boomer
  • raphael (from tmnt) as sea rogue
  • splinter (from TMNT) as sea rogue's uncle
  • arry and bert (from ttte) as the pirates
  • boos (from mario) as the white fleet
  • the engine who fell off the bridge in duncan gets spooked (from ttte) as the ghostly galleon
  • the snowman in the sky in snuffy and the snowman (from jay jay the jet plane) as the neptune face
  • fat pig as the fire tug
  • tom (from talking friends) as the other fire tug
  • ben (from talking friends) as old rusty
  • nigel (from rio) as nantucket
  • leonardo (from TMNT) as the coast gaurd
  • michelangelo (from TMNT) as the coast gaurd's messanger
  • mighty dragon as johnny cuba
  • female pig as kraka-toa
  • ninja chicken (from playscape) as puffa
  • bouncy bill (from playscape) as the goods engine
  • blu (from rio) as billy shoepack
  • eggs as the buoys
  • the marmosets (from rio) as the shrimpers
  • mario and luigi (from mario) as frank and eddie
  • harvey (from ttte) as little ditcher
  • cranky (from ttte) as big mickey
  • jewel (from rio) as the s.s. vienna
  • angela (from talking friends) as the duchess
  • peach (from mario) as princess alice
  • sendar soganci developer bird as the feul depot owner
  • jaakko lisalo developer bird as the quarry master
  • peter vesterbacka developer bird as the garbage master
  • bubble monkey (from playscape) as the fultan ferry
  • zombies (from plants vs. zombies) as schooners
  • plants (from plants vs. zombies) as barges
  • mighty philadelphia eagle as lord stinker
  • wario (from mario) as jack the grappler
  • bullet bill (from mario) as the mad speedboat
  • bulstrode (from ttte) as the fishing boat
  • toad (from ttte) as the massive log slide
  • diesel 10 (from ttte) as the naval ship
  • rocky (from ttte) as mighty moe
  • hector (from ttte) as the blinded trampstemer

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