twilight sparkle as ten cents

rarity as big mac

applejack as o. j.

rainbow dash as top hat

fluttershy as warrior

big macintosh as hercules

pinkie pie as sunshine

celestia as captain star

diesel (from TTTE) as zorran

arry (from TTTE) as zebedee

bert (from TTTE) as zak

snips as zug

snails as zip

nightmare moon as captain zero

spike as grampus

discord as johnny cuba

henry (from TTTE) as izzy gomez

soarin as boomer

spitfire as sally seaplane

diamond tiera as lillie lightship

gummy as puffa

cranky (from TTTE) as big mickey

harvey (from TTTE) as little ditcher

colin (from TTTE) as scuttlebutt pete

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