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  • mario as thomas (both main characters)
  • waluigi as edward (both thin)
  • yoshi as henry (both green)
  • donkey kong as gordon (both strong)
  • wario as james (wario is good for james)
  • luigi as percy (luigi is good friends (well brothers) with mario and percy is good friends with thomas and both green)
  • toad as toby (toad is good for toby)
  • oogtar as duck
  • jimmy t. and jimmy p. as donald and douglas
  • link (from zelda) as oliver
  • bowser jr. as diesel
  • hop koopa and hip koopa as bill and ben
  • chunky kong as boco
  • kootie pie koopa as daisy
  • daisy as mavis
  • diddy kong as stepeny
  • princess peach as emily (both main females)
  • sonic (from sonic the hedgehog) as bertie (both fast)
  • funky kong as salty
  • lanky kong as harvey
  • kooky von koopa and cheatsy koopa as arry and bert
  • pikachu (from pokemon) as fergus
  • baby mario as skarloey
  • baby luigi as rheneas
  • bigmouth koopa jr. as sir handel
  • darwin (from the amazing world of gumball) as peter sam
  • gumball (from the amazing world of gumball) as rusty
  • bully koopa as duncan
  • OJ (from TUGS) as duke
  • ash (from pokemon) as fearless freddie
  • frank and eddie (from TUGS) as mighty mac
  • master cheif (from halo) as arthur
  • rosalina as lady
  • bowser as diesel 10
  • kamek and kammy koopa as splatter and dodge (i know kammy koopa is a girl)
  • toadsworth as the fat controller
  • sunshine (from TUGS) as terence
  • toadbert as trevor
  • izzy gomez (from TUGS) as toad
  • antoine (from sonic) as derek
  • dr. robotnik (from sonic) as bulgy (both mean and red)
  • rouge the bat (from sonic) as elizabeth
  • king boo as george
  • knuckles (from sonic) as murdoch
  • shadow (from sonic) as spencer
  • dixie kong as caroline
  • cranky kong as cranky (both share the same name)
  • baby waluigi as s.c.ruffey
  • captain star (from TUGS) as mr. percival
  • tails (from sonic) as harold (both can fly)
  • amy (from sonic) as rosie (both pink)
  • enimies as troublesome trucks
  • weegee as smudger
  • crimwave clyde ( from the smb3 episode "crimes r us") as bulstrode
  • rainbow dash (from MLP:FIM) as jeremy (i know rainbow dash is a girl)
  • zelda (from zelda)
  • ash (from pokemon) as stanley
  • tippi and carrie (from super paper mario) as annie and carabel
  • toadette as lady hatt
  • twilight sparkle (from MLP:FIM) as belle
  • pinkie pie (from MLP:FIM) as madge
  • volvagia (from the legend of zelda: ocarina of time) as the chinese dragon (both dragons)
  • thomas (from TTTE) as jack
  • percy (from TTTE) as alfie
  • mavis (from TTTE) as isabolla
  • gordon (from TTTE) as byron
  • henry (from TTTE) as oliver (pack)
  • edward (from TTTE) as kelly
  • toby (from TTTE) as ned
  • james (from TTTE) as buster
  • duck (from TTTE) as nelson
  • arthur (from TTTE) as patrick
  • vee (from chuggington) as miss jenny

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