Hey guys, Malechi Perez here! I am also known as SuperMalechi. I gotta tell you why I hate Sharon Miller, Alec Baldwin and Michael Brandon.

The reason is.....Alec Baldwin and Michael Brandon make the Thomas characters sound worse as Family Guy, American Dad, The Cleveland Show, SpiderMan (live-action), Bubble Guppies, Little Einstens, and horror movies! Also, Alec Baldwin made the characters sound bored. And did not use a Scottish accent for Duncan, Donald and Douglas in Season 6! Plus, Sharon Miller put the "three strikes and you're out" in Season 9-16! And Duck, Donald and Douglas, Oliver, Stepney and Toad are not in Season 8-16, though they appear in Season 12, and Donald and Douglas appear in Season 11-12, and in a deleted scene in Season 8.

I think Ringo Starr would've narrated Season 5-8 instead of Baldwin and Brandon, while Ted Robbins would've narrated Season 9-13 instead of Brandon, and Mark Moraghan would've narrated Season 14-16 instead of Brandon. Plus, Season 8-16 would be part of the Classic Series. Also, Season 16 would use CGI animated for faces, people and animals. I think Duck, Donald and Douglas, Oliver, Stepney and Toad would've appeared in Season 8-16! And Jan Page would've been the head writer for Season 9-16. Anyways, more Railway Series stories would be adaptated, and annual and magazine stories adaptated as well. If only no "tree strikes and you're out" are used.

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