A Myhr'an

The Myhr'ans are a race of small, winged humanoids with stout bodies and beaklike noses which was native to the planet Myhr. Their skin was usually blue-green to pink on the dorsal side and cream-colored on the ventral side, and their snouts are studded with short, thick tusks. Despite their heavy-set appearance, the Myhr'an's stomach and bodily tissues were filled with gases which made them more bouyant. This allowed them to remain in the air while their wings beat rapidly, about ten times a second. The average Myhr'an could walk on their thin legs, but spent more time flying in order to stay out of the reach of the land-based predators found on their homeworld of Myhr. As a people, Myhr'ans were known for their shrewd business sense. This manifested itself as greed in lesser individuals, while more legitimate Myhr'ans were loyal and proud of their accomplishments.

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