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The Magician is only an artist using the rawest tools, will and perception

The Philosopher has never been a discoverer of truth, but an artist of perception

Hey, welcome to Mystipedia!

This is a site set up as a dictionary of sorts for metaphysical terms, it was something I started as a book, but the more I wrote, the more I realized what I wanted to do was too dead, too inorganic. The thing about definitions of metaphor is that metaphors must constantly grow in order to remain relevant. So if you see something that you don't agree with, or think isn't properly defined, then change it! I see this possibly changing the way people see the world, a place where people can come to learn and discuss, and hopefully grow through, meaning itself. I hope that everyone can see the possibilities of something like this, because nothing like this has ever done before. So come in, make yourself at home, and let your life, your studies, your struggles manifest into a mystipedia that everyone can look back on and say. Yes, we did this.

So far its pretty much just some rough drafts for the book I was writing, but I plan on working obsessively to make this dream a reality. and hope that you may feel the same way I do. I didn't know where to put my introduction, it still will take some refinement, but for now it will be my manifesto.

Thanks for your time, and... enjoy!

and if anyone is interested, for now I am the sole creator of this wiki, my username is HoldingJupiter


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