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Mythic Wars was created by Nathaniel Johnston January 2004. Nathaniel's first browser-based multiplayer game was Mythos, and a year later came his second, Norron. Mythic War games are based on -- you guessed it Mythology.

Mythos is a fast-paced strategy game set in the world of Greek Mythology, whereas Norron is set in a war-ridden Midgard, the world of Norse Mythology.

About Mythos

Mythos is a fast-paced strategy game set in the world of Greek Mythology. Build your settlement, command your villagers, train your army, spy on your enemies and then conquer them!

With a focus on settlement micro-management and old-school military strategy, Mythos is the game of choice for die-hard strategy gamers. Over 100 possible starting configurations for your settlement and updates every 40 days ensure that the game constantly has something new to offer.[1]

About Norron

Set in a war-ridden Midgard, the world of Norse Mythology, Norron is a game unlike any other on the internet.

Norron is all about role-playing; questing, leveling up your hero, and obtaining the best weapon and armor are the keys to defeating your enemies. Though there is room for team-based strategy, Norron is designed to be enjoyable for people who find satisfaction in conquering the world on their own.[2]

About Nathaniel


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