The Cessation Of Innocence is heavily influnced by ancient mythology, particually that of Ancient Rome, Greece, Egypt and Babylon. So much so that it is almost a melange of these, though the novel also features numerous additions and creations. For example, Set, a character featuring largely in the first act of the first novel, is inspired by the Set the Egyptian god of death. Though, it must not be thought that the two are the same or interchangeable; Set is more based on and an expansion of the Egyptian god. There are also numerous references to Biblical themes and creatures, (largely The Old Testament) such as the saytr Seirim. Satyrs were half men and half goat creatures from Greek mythology. He is named after a demonic race of Biblical origin, who are also half human and half goat. This is typical of the novel, as characters are influenced by, without being identicle to, its reference.

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