The Story Behind NĒO Shifters -

NĒO Shifters where formed on distant planet Skandar, but their conflict unfolds on Hydraxx-Tor, home of Hydraxxians. Like Earth, Hydraxx-Tor consists of land and water, and is ripe with valuable resources. Highly enlightened and sophisticated, Hydraxxians refined water into a seemingly inexhaustible source of fuel called Hydrax. They also experimented with Geneochrom – a benign cybernetic viral life form with the potential to seed primitive life across the galaxy. Mutationally unstable, Geneochrom was being tested on a research satellite in outer orbit when an undetected asteroid collided with a nearby satellite graveyard, detonating its Hydrax energy core. The resulting blast created a furious radioactive wave of fire that thrust everything in its path - Geneochrom capsules and satellite graveyard - onto Skandar.

Radiation mutated Geneochrom into an uncontrollable cellular structure - complex stuff that invaded the central intelligence processors of old satellites and evolved into small, intelligent bio-systems called NEOzomes. Like hermit crabs, the NEOzomes burrowed into the mechanized shells of remaining Hydrax powered satellites. Once inside, the NĒOzomes - with exponentially growing intelligence – manipulated the structure and configuration of the mechanized shells. There was a massive amount of materials to choose from – advanced weaponry, communication and solar gathering dishes, heat shields, force field generators... They created huge robotic habitats that could change shape and called them MechShifters. NĒOzomes' intelligence processors required MechShifters' machinery to perform hydrogen fusion and produce Hydrax to power both their energy cells. Thus, they became inseparable beings known as NĒO Shifters.

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