N.F.L Clique is a Hip Hop group from Nashville, Tennessee. They are signed by their own Indie label, I.P.F.L ENT and Lets Ride Ent.  They also own a sister indie label called Glock Ent. The group consist of 40 members, but only 5 rap. The group's rappers are: Noisemaker Da Don, King Chang-A-Lang, Juggernut Boy, B. Flight Skool McKay, and DT. 50. The group is known for their hit single Stop Talkin. The group has had many ups and downs throughout their tenure. There has been beefs within the group such as the N.F.L and South Side 5's beef. The beef started because a few of the cliques members heard that DT 50 was starting a new label, in thoughts that he was leaving the group. Noisemaker tried to end the rumors before they got to far. Unfortunately DT heard the rumors and decided to leave the group and formed another one to destroy N.F.L's career. He formed the group South Side 5's, a small group from Nashville. They started the beef with the song called P.F.L. (P*ssy's Fore Life). N.F.L returned with the song Real Down South Niggaz. South Side then returned with Betta Duck and Run. But N.F.L returned with F*ckin With Real G's sampling Eazy E's Real Motha*uckin G's beat. But the beef was getting to serious to the point where some members were starting to propose death threats to one another. So Noisemaker and DT 50 had a meeting to end all beef between the groups. South Side 5's eventually signed alongside N.F.L on the I.P.F.L ENT. label. A year later DT 50 was shot and killed in Sacremento, California. Noisemaker dedicated a song to him entitled My Hommie Will Live On.

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