NAC - The new Anglian Confederation


Arguably the largest and most powerful (but not by much) of the "Big Four" super-powers in the GZGverse. The "Anglian Confederation" was formed in 2057 as the UK, Canada and the remains of the US united in a federal super-state under the Crown, at the conclusion of the Second American Civil War. Gained control of Mexico and all of Central American in 2072 at the conclusion of the first War of the Americas. Conquered all of South America by 2100 after the LLAR was defeated in the second War of the Americas, which started only two years earlier. Renamed the "New Anglian Confederation" in 2136 when its Constitution was re-written to include all related colonies as independent members. The NAC capital was moved to the colony world "Albion" in 2135.

NAC- North Atlantic Conference-Division III baseball league, with teams from the Maine, Mass, Vermont, and Mass.

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