Red River College

  • Course Name :: Native Medicine & Health NATV 3240
  • Time :: Winter 2009
  • Instructor :: Sean MacDonald M.P.A.
  • Email ::

How to use this WIKI

Simply Edit this Page and add your notes from class to the ones presented here. Do not be scare by the code! just type them in or copy and paste them in, just MAKE SURE they are under the right Sub Heading... (Easy to do just Edit your Sub Heading by using the Edit Buttom beside it!)

If you have no idea how this works ?:/ Please before you start watch this YouTube video

We as a group will have much better notes of what our instructor talk about in class if we put them all together than anyone of us would have collected on their own.

Then before the Test and Exam all we have to do is print this page(s) and study =P

Class Notes

January 9

Introduction, Health & Wellness, Cultural perspectives

January 16

History and Pre-history of Native Health and Medicine

January 23

Aboriginal Health Traditional Teachings

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