Here are a list Numbuh 1 is Marlin Noddy is Nemo and Numbuh 5 is Dory here are the the show


  • Marlin - Numbuh 1/Noddy/Kyle the Conjurer/Homer Simpson/Stan Marsh/Numbuh 2/Big Ears/Oakie Doke/Numbuh 4
  • Nemo - Noddy/Numbuh 4/Lars The Little Polar Bear/Pikachu/Tommy Pickles/Bart Simpson/Numbuh 1/Jimbo/Sooty/Danny/Timmy Turner/BJ/Digit
  • Dory - Numbuh 5/Tessie Bear/Wendy Tastaburger/Marge Simpson/Numbuh 3/Lillie Lightship/Vicky
  • Bruce - Stewie Griffin/Eric Cartman/Gobbo/Sly/Dr. K

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