Model number: NGDIMS-Ex-04N/OD
Code name: Exeter
Unit type: Prototype Assault-use Mobile Suit
Manufacturer: IsoTech/Diana Institute
Operator: Elliot Doe
Accommodation: 3-panel linear cockpit
Dimensions: 19.6 meters
Weight: 11.8 MT empty; 25.2 MT gross
Construction: Gundarium composite on moveable frame.
Powerplant: ultracompact fusion reactor, output rated at 4210 kW
Propulsion: x2 42088.4 kg, x2 34725.6 kg, x2 7362.8 kg; x45 verniers
Performance: 6.68 Gs
Sensor Range: 18,000 meters
Equipment and design features: Flash System; Orbital Dive Mode
Fixed Armament: x2 110mm Machinecannon, mounted in torso, 840 rounds, drum fed; x2 90mm machinecannon, mounted in head, 700 rounds, drum fed; x2 beam cannon, mounted on backpack, deploys over shoulders; Additional Manipulator Arms (x2); x2 heat rods, mounted in forearms; x2 smoke dischargers, concealed within waist; dummy launcher, concealed within stomach; x4 birdlime cannister launchers, mounted in pairs within knuckles; hardpoint mounted on back.
Optional Fixed Armament: x4 Beam Sabres, recharge racks located on back, hand-carried in use
Optional Hand Armament: x2 Beam Guns, stored in thighs, hand-carried in use; High-powered Beam Cannon, stored on back hardpoint, hand-carried in use.
Remote Armament: x6 Beam Vulcan Funnels, stored in shoulders

Unlike its sister suits of the NGDIMS line, the NGDIMS-Ex-04N/A Exeter carries more emphasis on performance rather than sophisticated uplinking systems. Well armored for a high-performance unit and well armed, and equipped with extra arms, the Exeter is prepared to take on its role of rapid assault. Though equipped with a flash system, the Exeter puts little emphasis on remote combat. The funnels it is equipped with are small in both size and numbers, and are primarily intended for anti-missile/anti-remote purposes. In addition, they lack the propulsion to perform in atmospere. However, they are both small and fast, making the little weapons a real hazard if they are able to attack in unision.

A secondary function of the Exeter is making use of the Orbital Dive Mode, which allows the mobile suit to renter the atmosphere without use of special equipment. In this fashion, the Exeter is capable of conducting sneak attacks from right out of the sky. In addition, the Orbital Dive Mode can be used as a pseudo MA mode, disguising the true nature of the Exeter. Only the beam cannons and machinecannons are available in this form as well as remote weapons. However, the secondary form is incapable of practical flight within atmosphere, and maneuverability is significantly reduced.

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