Model Number: NGDIMS-FF-01N/UL1
Code Name: Formula Final
Unit Type: Multi-Purpose Newtype Use Mobile Suit
Manufacturer: Apollon Legion (In-House Prototype)
Operator: Russell Chapman
Accommodation: Pilot and optional passenger in 360 degree panoramic monitor in upper-torso
Dimensions: overall height: 16.6 meters
Weight: Dry weight: 9.15 tonnes; max gross weight (non BEU): 20.53 tonnes; max gross weight (BEU) 28.03 tonnes
Construction: Gundarium Gamma/ceramic composite on movable frame
Powerplant: Minovsky-type ultra compact fusion reactor reactor, power rated at 6415kW
Propulsion: 2 x 32,912kg rocket thruster on backpack; 2 x 12,121kg vector capable thrusters on rear shoulder armour; 2 x 17,528kg vectored thrusters on rear calf armour
Vernier/Apogee Motors: 42 bare ; 60 with BEUs
Acceleration: 6.09Gs bare ; 6.93Gs with BEUs
Sensor Range: 25 KM
Design Features: Biocomputer; Psycommu System; Wave Amplification Device; Back Engine Units
Fixed Armaments: 2 x full body beam shield, mounted on upper forearms; 2 x Vesbers, mounted as hip cannons; 1 x regular issue beam machine gun, mounted in right forearm; 1x 150mm Modified Assault Rifle, mounted in right forearm; 1x Claymore Punch, mounted on left forearm; 3x beam guns, mounted at bottom of neckline and shoulders; 2x mega machinecannon, mounted between beam guns; 2x improved gouf whips, stored in skirt armor slots; 2x heat edges, extend from upper shins; 2x heat knives, extend from feet
Optional Fixed Armaments: 1x Combinable Beam Saber, each side stored in recharge racks in each inner arm
Remote Armaments:9x low power beam rifle funnels, stored on remote ring; 3x BEU, each armed with two beam cannons, stored on remote ring.

Technology: Wave Amplification Device: Utilizing the Psycommu information and other systems developed during Biocomputer research, the Wave Amplification Device is a step forward in aiding Newtype combat. Mental pressure, which can be defined in mental wavelengths, is known to affect the outcome of battles between Newtypes on occasion. This system is designed to aid younger Newtypes in surviving such encounters, and can also be used as a small boost for those experienced in pressure related combat. The sensors for the device link into the other systems and monitor mental wavelengths inside and outside the cockpit. If the pilot is sensed to be under stress from an outside force, it gives a small amplification to boost resistance to the attack by the pilot. This also has a secondary use, as any boosting of this wavelength will be felt by opposing forces. However, this boost is only temporary and is not a powerful one. It is mostly meant to help ease the attack, and is of little use between Newtypes of great distance in mental presence. A useful side effect, is that it helps negate the erratic pressure of Artificial Newtypes, as it constantly forces the system to stay activated when their pressure is focused on the pilot. Warning: Reliance on this system is not recommended. Pilots are urged to become more aware of how to negate mental attacks from enemy Newtypes.

150mm Modified Assult Rifle: Self-Explanatory.

Claymore Punch: Similar to a claymore, the Claymore Punch is a set of explosives that are launched in a more focused pattern, but the action itself matches that of a claymore. The force of the explosions is akin to that of getting hit by three to four missiles.

Improved Gouf Whip: Taking off the design of the RF Gouf Whips, the difference between the two is that the beam knife at the end is properly sealed so that the wire for the whip carries an electric charge stronger than that of monowire. The primary purpose is to stun and disable suit limbs, though opponents could easily have their cockpit opened up by a well placed snap of the whip. The length of the whip is coated against beams as to not let the beam knife at the end accidently cut the whip apart.

BEUs: Attached in a way that makes it look like the Lambda class Imperial Shuttles from Star Wars, the BEUs of this suit serve several purposes. One: While attached to the suit it serves to increase the speed of the unit and also adds 18 small thrusters (6 per unit, 3 per side) to increase mobility. Two: The BEUs are remote weapons armed with two beam cannons, which are able to spread their energy along the curved edge of the unit and create a beam edge to slash through enemies at high speeds. For note, the shape of the BEU looks like part of a circle was cut off from the rest, giving one side a curved edge while the main thruster side is flat. The back edges also have small maneuvering fins and flaps, while the surfaces all have a layer of Anti Beam Coating for limited resistance to enemy fire. The cannons specifically are near the apex of the curve, and pointed as to go straight forward, but have limited readjustment along the curve angle. Three: The BEUs are equipped with M-Flight, useful in the atmosphere for both the units and the suit itself.

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