Model number: NGDIMS-T-03N/UL3
Code name: Tempest
Unit type: custom newtype-use mobile suit
Manufacturer: IsoTech/Diana Institute
Operator: Damien Marius
Accommodation: 1 pilot, in panoramic cockpit in torso
Dimensions: head height: 15.1 metres
Weight: empty weight: 8.2 metric tons; full weight: 20.1 metric tons
Construction: gundarium gamma/super-ceramic composite on movable frame
Powerplant: Minovsky-type ultracompact fusion reactor, power rated at 5615 kW
Propulsion: rocket thrusters: 2x 27,000kg, vectored, mounted on back; 2x 17,000kg, vectored, mounted on hip pylons; 2x 8,000, vectored, mounted on calves; Verniers/apogee motors: 55
Performance: maximum thruster acceleration: 5.17 G; 180-degree turning time: 0.45 seconds; maximum land running speed: 250 km/h
Sensor Range: 17500m
Equipment and design features: Neuroptic Tracer, Psycommu System
Fixed Armament: 2x 60mm vulcans, mounted in head; 2x 8-tube missile launcher, mounted on outside of legs; 2x 90mm machinecannon, mounted in collar; medium beam machinegun, mounted on right forearm; birdlime canister launcher, mounted in left forearm
Optional Fixed Armament: 2x beam saber, stored in recharge racks on hips; 1x medium beam shield, mounted on left forearm; 1x zanber, carried on left hip
Remote Armament: 40x funnel missile, stored on rear of shoulders in pods of 20

Technical Notes:

The Tempest is a Mobile Suit, designed for partiular niche use of a blind pilot by the name of Damien marius, designed with a little bit of Diana influence. First, keeping to his usual piloting style, the suit is set out exactly as most third-generation Mobile Suits are, as far as cockpit design goes. The overall principle as a fast and agile Newtype-use suit - designed specifically for the condition of an eyeless blind man, using one piece of technology known as the 'Neuroptic Tracer Helmet'.

The Neuroptic Tracer Helmet is a special feature that allows a blind pilot full vision while inside a Mobile Suit. The Tracer injects two small studs, about eight millimetres long and five millimetres in diameter, into the optic nerves of the pilot, and directly transmit visual data from the cameras to the optic nerves, such that the visual nuclei can deal with them. As well as this, the helmet allows the pilot's head movements to move the head of the Mobile Suit, effectively 'tracing' the head motions of the pilot like newer helmets for fighter planes. The two studs come as part of a special helmet, on rotating bearings, so that shocks to the Mobile Suit will not do damage to them. This helmet is then connected to the Mobile Suit via cables to recieve data, such that the helmet's use is required for activation of the Tempest. The helmet also generates a semi-transparent 'HUD' overlay into the vision of the pilot, that allows the pilot to view targeting reticules, sensor data, and utilize the proximity warning effectively.

Other than this piece of technology, this suit is a general Newtype-use suit, utilizing both the Zanber from the Crossbone series of Mobile Weapons, and the funnel missile principles of the Penelope. Overall, the Tempest is designed to be a very agile and speedy unit, while packing a punch - and is not to be underestimated.

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