Class: Deity/DM

A mysterious entity which is rumored to exist, and is said to exert a controlling influence over the Dynamics-verse.

The DM of the game, who continually hatches plans to try and kill each and every one of the heroes using such devices as chains, overpowered spells, and rigged RNG (random number generator) mechanics. However, the superb tactics of people like Atma and Undine continually foil his efforts to kill off the main party. While he refuses to show it, he is undoubtedly frustrated by the heroes, and is currently hatching up a scheme where the main characters war against each other, leading to deaths which he knows are inevitable.

Adding to his frustrations are the RPs for Dave Mlinko and Stephen, which undermine his efforts to make a reasonable story. Luckily, this frustrates him to the point of incoherence, leading to Dave continually making 5-post RPs without worry of complaints or anything else.

He is also a game piece in the Overlord game, although his current functions are unclear. He is called forth into an Overlord game if two players conspire to be in in a match simply for piece experience

Retired PCs


Class: Red Mage

Formerly Controlled By: LordMorgren

Quests: Imp Invasion!, Where's My Metal?, (Swamp Potions?), (Counterattack?), 1v1 Tournament, Temple Detectives, Save the Princess, Journey to Pravoka, Invulnerability Potion, Call Me Meriweather

A Red Mage commander from a distant, unknown kingdom, presumably one up north. He was on a special mission from his King one day, on an airship named the Final Approach, when all of a sudden, it crossed the path of a pair of Red Dragons in combat. The airship was torn apart by the powerful BLAZE attacks, but HIM miraculously lived through the ensuing explosion, and, using a piece of the ship as a parachute, descended to the mainland, and was found unconscious near Coneria.

He was taken into a back room with some healers, who explained that a man with leather armor had come in and given the healers 100 gold to give to him. HIM took the gold and presumably thought the man was from his kingdom, reminding him to finish out his mission. He got his bearings back and then had somewhat of a leadership position in the group for a short while. He also entered the Tournament in Coneria, but lost out in round one to Max.

However, Garland kidnapped the Princess shortly afterwards, and HIM joined the rescue group to get her. Based on his interactions with Garland, it appeared that he had some kind of history with him, but it was made unclear. Nonetheless, despite the fire spells casted by the princess, who had little control over her actions, the group managed to defeat Garland.

After collecting the reward, he returned to the Temple of Fiends and attempted to use Garland's armor, although it was too heavy for him. The weaponsmith failed to lighten it by turning it silver, so HIM just left it there. On the way out, the Rude Guard, not impressed with HIM's skills, challenged him to a duel, but HIM declined and crossed into Pravoka with Dave, Guy, and John.

He stuck around in Pravoka until after finding Matoya, and then his kingdom sent an airship (presumably captained by Celes from FF6), and he left the game. He made a brief comeback appearance in the Labrynith, teaming up with ToST, but he was defeated late in the contest, and went back to his kingdom.

HIM made another brief appearance when Rdy showed up, lowering the Thief from an airship after giving him an ExpEgg with special abilities.


Class: Black Mage

Formerly Controlled By: muteki005

Quests: Imp Invasion!, Where's My Metal?, (Swamp Potions?), (Counterattack?), 1v1 Tournament, Save the Princess, Journey to Pravoka, Invulnerability Potion, Call Me Meriweather , 2v2 Battle Royale, Random Encounters - Pravoka

A Black Mage who underwent an operation to change his magical affinity from White to Black. As a result, however, he is prone to periods of mental instability, in which he becomes irrational and loses conscious control of his actions. He suffered just such an episode after the first Elven War, and was last seen spouting incoherent non-sense and chewing on grass.


Class: Thief

A Thief from the Coneria region who briefly joined the first adventurers on their quest. He left their company, slipping into the shadows, and hasn't been seen since.


Class: Fighter

Cotnrolled By: Flying_Cow_Army

Quest List

Cornelia: (Swamp Potions?), (Counterattack?), 1v1 Tournament, Save the Princess, Journey to Pravoka

Pravoka: Invulnerability Potion, Call Me Meriweather, 2v2 Battle Royale, Gimme My Treasure, Journey to Elfland

A former member of the Cornelian guard, thrown out for showing up the Rude Guard while sparring. Like Dave, he learned the art of fighting from the best of the best. He originally wanted to be an artist, but gave up that ambition to focus on sword fighting, and soon became talented enough to join the Cornelian guard. He intentionally threw himself out along wiht his friend Max to satisfy his adventurous spirit, and subsequently banded with the current group of adventurers.


Class: White Mage

Formerly Controlled By: jdog121889

Quests: Where's My Metal?, Temple Detectives, Save the Princess, Journey to Pravoka (Pravoka Group 2), Invulnerability Potion, Call Me Meriweather , 2v2 Battle Royale, Gimme My Treasure,

A young white mage who woke up in the Temple of Fiends one day and can't remember anything before that. He also feels that he has some kind of connection to the Temple itself but can't explain it yet. He travels with the group in hopes that he may learn who he is, and where he came from.

Most of the quests he has done have been with either Dave, Stephen, or both, mostly due to the fact that they usually need a White Mage with healing magic fast, and neither Dave or Stephen trust Akbar's discount White-Mages-for-hire Shop (NOT Self-destructing Robots). This may also stem back to a favor he owed Dave for escorting the two into a mine to get Iron Hammers, although whether or not that is actually the reason for his constantly helping the two is unclear.


Class: White Mage

Quests: Save the Princess

A trusted confidant of Princess Sara, Alphie accompanied the main group of adventurers to help rescue her after she was kidnapped. However, she became frozen with fear during the battle with Garland, and was unable to fight. Realizing that she was not cut out for the life of an adventurer, she chose to remain in Cornelia Castle by the Princess's side.


Class: Black Belt

Formerly Controlled By: Lee Eric Kirwan

Quests: Intro, Journey to Pravoka, Invulnerability Potion, Call Me Meriweather , 2v2 Battle Royale, Random Encounters - Pravoka

Is quite possibly a calculator that has gained the ability to think and feel.

....Just kidding Eric!


Class: Thief

Formerly Controlled By: OslerCombo

Quests: Intro, Journey to Pravoka, Secret Hideout I, Call Me Meriweather, 2v2 Battle Royale, Random Encounters - Pravoka

See Dave Mlinko and Stephen's Arc

Lacuna Talwe

Class: White Mage

Gender: Female

Age: Thought to be around 20

Controlled by: Melirune

Lacuna was one of two adopted children in Elfland. She had been raised collectively by the priests of the village while Zaknafien raised her counterpart Arithon. Arithon.. Did he manage to complete the elementary magic school? Would Lacuna be able to succeed when her time came?

She knew not why but she was given to Astos as a sort of present from the elven populace. A necessary concession she was told by the villagers as they wept and mourned her departure, but for what? The elven people were not so weak as to cower before one individual, were they? How much time could one lowly acolyte buy for all of Elfland?

As a servant of Astos, Lacuna was fitted with a deadly bracelet. One wrong move on her behalf, or attempted tampering of the bracelet, and a deadly RUB spell would be cast upon her.

Lacuna took part in the assault on Elfland, but fell upon the battlefield. She awoke in Astos' dungeons, along with other combatants from the battlefield. After many introductions (and a few battles along the way) Lacuna, along with her group, headed off towards the Marsh Cave. Her team Sumerian Haze currently consists of herself as leader, LEKnight, Rocco, Atma, and Obsidian.


Class: Thief

Formerly Controlled By: FionordeQuester

A young Thief who travels with his dog (perhaps more accurately described as a wolf). He became entangled in the events around Elfland, and participated in the Elfland Liberation movement.


Class: Fighter

Formerly Controlled By: HeronBlade

A Fighter from Melmond. He fought the Vampire, but lost. He was bitten and cursed, leading to a gradual descent into vampirism. He was escorted to Matoya's Cave by the White Mage Spiralex, who willingly allowed Matoya to transfer the illness from Heron to himself. Heron had left and found himself injured on the Peninsula Northeast of Pravoka, and was rescued by Spiralex & Company.


Class: Fighter

Gender: Male

Occupation: Mercenary

Controlled By: Agent Hunk

Mack is a member of the Rebel Alliance and a traitor. The force is with him as he and his friends Biggs and Wedge Antilles fight the evil empire (i.e. Astos).


Class: Thief

Controlled By: ReiDeBastoni

A Thief who inherited the Nightblade, a sentient sword and "brother" to Scather. He invaded Magus's mansion, stole his Emerald, and ultimately attached it to the Nightblade, by its request. The will of the sword impelled him on a mission to assassinate the holder of the Scather. The clash manifested during the events preceding the revival of the Earth Crystal, when Dark Ramuh was summoned by the Thief and attacked the Melmond harbor. The Thief in turn attacked Undine, who tried to persuade him to resist the sword's influence. Bender's did not have the willpower to do so, but she managed to disarm him during their duel by putting him to sleep. He has since been captured and is now confined alongside several monsters in the basement beneath Melmond's arena.


Class: Black Mage

Controlled By: HoratiusFlaccus

Chris Ravencroft

Class: Fighter



Class: "Knight"

Quests: Save the Princess

Garland was the most powerful knight in the Kingdom of Coneria, and captain of the Guard. A Scholar in Coneria Castle recalls that he was once a good knight, but that something occurred that deeply affected him, to the point where he betrayed the kingom. Exactly what precipitated this event is unknown, but his treachery culminated in the kidnapping of Princess Sara and his flight to the nearby Temple of Fiends. With none who could match Garland in swordsmanship, the King of Coneria called upon a group of adventurers to defeat Garland and rescue the Princess.

Though Garland had mounted a formidable defensive formation utilizing the Undead residing in the Temple, a strategy developed by Atma allowed the group to deal with it in an effective and efficient manner. Undettered by his opponents' successful strategy, Garland pulled a series of two chains, the first releasing a pair of Creeps on the surprised group, and the second revealing a controlled Princess Sara, who was compelled to cast attack magic upon her would-be rescuers. Though the group's situation for a time turned dire, in the end, Garland was defeated without any casualties, with Dave Mlinko laying the final blow.

After the battle, HIM returned to the Temple and attempted to salvage Garland's armor. It was restored to good condition by a pair of local blacksmiths, but lost any uniqueness it once had and was rendered an ordinary suit of Iron Armor.

During these events, no one had thought to do anything about Garland's body. It was rumored that when the Conerian Guard was dispatched to recover Garland's body for burial, all they found in the room where he was said to have been slain was a rusted helmet, a few bats, and a curious Black Crystal...

Princess Sara

Class: Black Mage

Quests: Save the Princess, Forsaken Labyrinth

Princess of the Kingdom of Coneria. She was kidnapped by Garland when he betrayed the kingdom, and taken to the Temple of Fiends. While there, she was robbed of her own will, and compelled to attack those who came to rescue her with her magic. Though unable to control her own actions, she was able to resist the force controlling her enough to hold back on the spells she cast, reducing their power. After unleashing a weakened Fire 2 spell, she collapsed from exhaustion. Upon Garland's defeat, she regained her consciousness and volition, and teleported herself and her rescuers back to Coneria.

She rewarded the adventurers who saved her with a sum of gold. Additionally, she presented Atma with a Lute (which was a family heirloom), along with a kiss on the cheek. She has been known to occasionally display affection towards Atma, and in particular is often complimentary of his hat.

Princess Sara later competed in the Forsaken Labyrinth Tournament, where she was present at the inception of "Team Comic Relief."


Class: Unknown

Quests: Forsaken Labyrinth

An enigmatic young (?) woman who resides in Coneria Castle. An unknown force has rendered her invisible, and little else is known about her. Though she doesn't often interact with others, she has a friendly nature. Her manner of speech is manic and seemingly carefree, occasionally betraying a brief hint of sadness. She rarely speaks plainly, and her words often reveal an unusual level of insight and have a depth beyond their face value. She seems to posses knowledge of a subject quite grave, in stark contrast to her general demeanor.

She participated in the Forsaken Labyrinth Tournament, apparantly seeking fun rather than a prize, and was eliminated by the Team of Astos and Arithon. In battle, she displayed a proficiency in as well as high resistance to magic, and her invisibility rendered her nigh impossible to strike physically, though the extent of her abilities remains uncertain.

She has demonstrated her unusual ability to “see” many things in her interactions with Undine, and later Arithon, who sought her out after meeting her in the Forsaken Labyrinth. He had a hunch that she might have some insight into his past, much of which was overlaid with the fog of amnesia. Her reaction to his query once she realized his point of origin, however, was unexpected. She reacted with anxiety and hostility, indicating that the implications of this discovery were of some significance to her. She also uttered several cryptic statements, relating to the Ancients (a term some in the present use to refer to the Sky People) and of the elemental crisis various parts of the world were experiencing, suggesting an even further depth to her knowledge. She again displayed a knowledge of the greater events at work in the world upon seeing Gareth off. However, much of what she says is not properly understood by others, falling in with the general oddity of the rest of her ramblings.

Rude Guard

Class: Fighter

Quests: Save the Princess - Return to the Temple, Forsaken Labyrinth

A Conerian guard who is rather rude.



Class: Pirate

Quests: Gimme My Treasure, Shiver Me Timbers, Forsaken Labyrinth

The Pirate Captain of Pravoka, deposed by Dave Mlinko's assault against his Privateer. He lost both his ship and his weapon, an enchanged Mythril Silver Longsword named The Scather, which he recovered from a corpse of Elvish Royalty. The former was ceded to Dave, and the latter relinquished to Undine, who would in turn become entangled in its curse. Before these events, he had terrorized the town of Pravoka along with the Mohawk Man, who led the Thieves Guild. The two figures and their organizations were constantly at odds, which led to a delicate balance of power between the two. How this balance will ultimately be affected by the losses that Bikke and the Mohawk Man have suffered remains to be seen.

Bikke participated in the Forsaken Labyrinth Tournament where he ironically teamed up with Undine. He was recruited by Astos to help fight in the Naval front of the first Elfland war.

He power has recently surged in the Pravoka region, much to the suspicions of the Thieves' Guild. Meridian, the leader of the Crescent Lake section of the Guild, had attempted to cross the glaciers in response, only to lose many of the most experienced Thieves to the crevasses. Bikke currently has boarded the DeThAdRA, ToST's merchant marine vessel, initiating a fight to take back his favorite wench, Amelia.

Mohawk Man

Class: Thief

Quests: Secret Hideout I, Intro - X, XScorpion, and Keeo, Intro - Dano, Gimme My Treasure, Death on the Galleon, Forsaken Labyrinth

The head of the Thieves’ Guild, which operates as a counterbalance to Bikke’s Pirates in Pravoka.

Crazy Potions Guy

Class: Alchemist

Quests: Invulnerability Potion, Forsaken Labyrinth

An Alchemist who lives in the outskirts of Pravoka. He created an experimental potion that would grant invulnerability to the one who consumed it, but testing proved the formulation to be ineffective and to carry adverse side effects.


Class: Black Mage

Quests: Call Me Meriweather, Forsaken Labyrinth

An old witch who lives north of Cornelia. Her Crystal was stolen by Astos, and retrieved by the Light Warriors. She assisted in exorcising Spiralex’s vampirism, and provided Phoenix Down herbs that were used to awaken the Prince of Elfland and Zaknafein.



The Prince of Elfland, he was cursed and put into a deep sleep by Astos. He was ultimately revived with an herb acquired from Matoya after Astos’ defeat, and gave copies of the Mystic Key entrusted to him to all Thieves among the Light Warriors.


Class: Black Mage

Quests: Forsaken Labyrinth

As King of the Dark Elves, Astos is well on his way to achieving his goals. Many were confused as to why such a notorious individual took part in the Forsaken Labyrinth, although now it seems clear that he did so in order to take stock of what sort of adventurers would be available to him in his upcoming bid to take the throne of Elfland. From its ranks, he successfully recruited Rocco, Arithon, Bikke, and Mohawk Man, to add to Audrey and Dominic, who were helping him with several things in return for the necessary forces and gold required too kill Dave Mlinko. He also tried to recruit X and Guy, although they declined, as ToST did later on.

Astos held court among his powerful recruits, along with those already under his command such as Lacuna and Potentate Pie, and explained his plans and goals. According to him, his family had been unfairly ousted as the true rulers of all elves, and he saw this time as the perfect moment to recapture the throne. Once the offensive was underway, he took one final recruit, Renquist, on a secret expedition into the heart of Elfland. He sent the Red Mage to assassinate the Elven Prince, a task that he believes has been completed. Thus, the final barrier to Astos becoming King of all Elves is removed, and the badly outnumbered Light Elf forces have surrendered to his assault. A counter-siege by a group led by Undine achieved little, as there were barely any Dark Elves left back at the Western Keep. In the meantime, Astos told a group of commanders in his army to accompany several PCs captured in battle to go to the Marsh Cave and retrieve a Crown, which he said would prove instrumental in his conquest of Elfland. Zaknafein however later revealed that the Crown is what very well might lead to Astos's downfall.

After this, Astos's real reasons for taking over Elfland came out. Astos, some time ago, was a regular mage studying under his mentor, Zaknafein. He gradually became one of the best Mages in all the land, and even helped Tanaka learn status-inflicting magic. He was kind and just, and over time it was revealed that he might have royal lineage. Seeing as the King had yet to produce a son, Astos could be heir to the throne. Astos then worked hard, studying black magic with a passion so he could use it to protect Elfland at all costs. Soon afterwards, he began trying to delve into higher level spells, but due to the limitations naturally placed on Elves, he found out that in order to learn high-level spells, he needed to fulfill certain conditions.

Around 25 years later, he had trained his army and finished his preparations, waiting for the right moment when Elfland's defenses would be down. He then proceeded to hire Audrey and Dominic to steal a Crystal from a renowned witch named Matoya, and, while he lacked the abilities to see into the future like Matoya, he was skilled enough to see events happening in the present in locations that he wasn’t in. Utilizing this, he recruited the warring Bikke and Mohawk Man, as well as several in-game PCs that interested him. He then proceeded to start the current in-game war against Elfland.

His personality has changed much form the kind and just man Zaknafein once knew. He appears to be calm, cold, and calculating, although he has a much darker side to him, bred by his contempt for the Light Elves and noticed only by his generic subordinates, as well as Audrey and Dominic, who claim not to trust him farther than they can throw him. Dominic in particular does not like him at all, and would gladly kill him in a minute if it wasn’t for his magical abilities. (This, however, seems to stem more from a dislike of Elves in general, since he feels he cant trust any of them).He will not hesitate to sacrifice others for his own benefit, and has shown occasional bursts of excessive violence. There is also a rumor, that, for the most part, keeps his subordinates in line: that he cannot be killed by anyone with Elvish blood. This is unlikely to be true, however, and probably stems more from the fact he knows the RUB spell, which many believe cannot be overcome.

Astos ultimately met with defeat after the Light Elf Liberation Army retook Elfland Castle and the surrounding area. Astos himself was killed while fighting a group of PCs during the final assault. He had used the power of the Crown to transform into a much more powerful but monstrous form, but Spiralex's Evil Entity managed to neutralize his power long enough for him to be taken down in a gruesome display by a heavily buffed Keeo. Tanaka then used ZAP! to warp away his severed body parts to the 4th dimension, and the invasion ended.


Class: Black Mage

An old but skilled Black Mage living in Elfland. His days of combat are long over, and he now specializes in showing the ropes to any Elvish (or non-elvish) magician in his magic school. He teaches mages, battle theory, spellcasting motions, and how to improve the accuracy of their spells. He usually provides a pointer on battle theory via the game Overlord, a chess-like game with pieces of the original 6 classes, that, like the original game, have their own advantages and disadvantages.

He is the mentor of Arithon, Lacuna, and Tanaka, with the latter being his best student ever, a rarely seen Green Mage who specialized in the best status magic known to man. While Zaknafein wanted to teach Tanaka the elemental magic, he didn’t have the aptitude for that, and instead learned how to incapacitate and render his foes helpess. Even though he believes in Tanaka as a mage, he still takes the rumors of his exploits (such as petrifying three of Bahamut's dragons) with a grain of salt, and harbors slight discontent of his ability to use Blue Magic, much like many other mages, who still consider Blue Magic a radical practice.

His relationship with Arithon and Lacuna is different, however, as both were adopted. While he has a distant relationship with Tanaka, considering him as more of a colleague due to his high level of skill in both Green and Blue Magic, he shows more mentor-like interaction with the others, particularly Arithon, as he tries to teach him better spells and figure out the deal behind his past and his strange eye-color changes spell-casting.

Due to the close relationship between him, Arithon and Lacuna, the knowledge that the kingdom he had served for so long was about to fall was even more painful to him. Shortly after Astos took over Elfland Castle, Zaknafein sprung into action. A new character named Renquist was ordered to kill the Prince, but Zaknafein turned him at the last moment by revealing that the bracelet Astos had given him was cursed, and that he was leading the Dark Elves toward disaster. His words swayed Renquist, who spared the Prince. Zaknafein then got him to gather all the prisoners to their side, who accompanied him on a mission from Astos to retrieve the Crown. Zaknafein knew that the Crown could ultimately lead to Astos’ downfall, and then he encouraged the group to retrieve it for him.

Zaknafein organized the final assault to retake Elfland Castle from Astos, but was slain by him in battle with RUB. After Astos’ defeat, Zaknafein was later revived by one of Matoya’s herbs, which Arithon brought to him.

Later on, it was revealed that Zaknafein did indeed die in the battle, and that a simulacrum posed as him until its magic bindings could no longer hold. In his final request, he gives the Thief ToST a package to deliver to Arithon, and in return gives ToST his scrying orb, asking him to "Use it to find my daughter" (Arylon (II)).

The package contained the keys to his sanctum, which he willed to Arithon.

Alvin, Simon, and Theodore

Classes: Knight/Archer/Wizard

When the light elves went out to defend their homeland, these three brothers were sent out to defend the southern front under the command of Guy. They were all capable warriors, and Alvin and Theodore lived throughout the conflict. Simon was knocked out quite early though. Alvin and Theodore wished to help Guy, X, Keeo, and Dano in the search for survivors among the group that raided Astos's castle, but they were sent away, both being not skilled enough and need to tend to their brother.

Alvin and Simon are the more belligerent of the brothers, distrustful of their commander at first, but Alvin grew a grudging respect of Guy. Theodore was always quite respectful, always addressing him as "Sir". They're the chipmunks. C-H-I-P-M-U-N-K. Guaranteed to brighten your day. Doot. Doot. Doo doo doo doot.


Class: Hero

Erdrick's grave is found in a small plot behind a magic shop in Elfland. Otherwise, nothing concrete (heh) is known about him, except his birth and death dates: 837 - 866. He is connected to X somehow...maybe. According to long-lost Elvish records—and therefore unbeknownst to X and the others—Erdrick was an ancient Red Mage, having exceptional fighting skills along with access to such obscure and antiquated spells as "STOPSPELL," "RETURN," and "HURTMORE."


Class: LEKnight

A female LEKnight recruited by Dave to help protect a mysterious girl of absurd power. Initially, she had a lone wolf style mentality, but that all changed when Atma helped her, after which she developed a strong sense of loyalty to him.

Darksong and Clearsong

Class: DEWeaver / DEPriest

Age: 30 / 15

Orphaned sisters used by Astos durring the elven civil war.  Their parrents, who were masters of growing herbs and spices that could be used for healing purposes, mysteriously vanished 10 years ago.  On the final day of the war the two were assigned to guard different sections of the castle perimiter.  Clearsong was at one of the gates, and after being badly treated by her commpanions, fainted.  Doing so saved her life causing the killing stoke to only shatter her armor.  Arithon and Lacuna having seen and heard what transpired released the young giving her instructions that would keep her safe in the event she ran into vengeful light elves.  Darksong was stationed near the prisons and met the same group.  It was she who responded to Arithon's impashioned plea for their lives and managed to get the remainder of her companions to surrender instead of fighting to the death as they were ordered.

Later, after learning of Astos's warped view of balance, she undertook a journey to Matoya's with the other warriors hopeing that she might find a way to redeam her people, even if in only a small way.  After arival Atma gave her the chance she sought by entrusting the powerful herb, Pheonix Down, ment to awaken the elvish prince.  While at Matoya's Dano, still thirsting for revenge after his earlier mistreatment by the dark elves, tried to end her life.  Arithon, Undine, and X all lept to her defence though it turned out to be unnessary as Matoya sent all the companions on their way magicaly before any fight began.  Darksong was very apreciative and entrusted both Undine and Arithon with the only thing she had left of value, her true name.  Shortly thereafter she was given the oportunity to use the herb she had been given to wake the prince, who became smitten with her at first sight.

Clearsong, meanwhile, had been tending to Zaknafien who was still comatose after his more aged body rejected the revival spells laid on it.  While staying at the clinic she grew to more greatly apreciate the healing skills that she possesed.  After Arithon managed to awaken his father with a second Pheonix Down she asked if she could study white magic at the school in Elfland.  Though it took a while she was eventualy accepted, probably due in large part to Zaknafien's sponsorship.

The pair currently live in a small house on the outskirts of Elfland.  Darksong spends much of the time (at least when the prince isn't trying to win her hand) caring for her ever growing garden of herbs and spices, many of which wind up at the clinic.  Clearsong is enrolled in The Elfland School of Magic as an appentice white mage.  Both occasionaly help care for the many orphans that the wars created.  And both are excellent singers and have created several songs.  Both also feel a great debt of gratitude for the black mage who saved them whom they've given the title Peacemaker.  Darksong's use name comes from her raven black hair and her singing ability, while Clearsong's chosen use name dirives from her blond hair and singing ability.

Dwarven Caves

Dwarven Beastmaster

He administers training in the barracks of the Dwarven Caves, teaching new skills to the martially inclined.

Dwarven Chef (aka "BORK")

Class: Dwarven Chef

Originally the Chef from the Dwarven Caves, he got tired of living a normal life as a chef, and set out for new flavors. He entered into the Forsaken Labyrinth arena event, as having 99 other entrants posed a good opportunity to discover "New great Foodies." He ended up on ToST's team, and did a fabulous job scaring Team Comic Relief, who described BORK as "a tonberry." During that event, he made Mad Pony stew for Stan Lee, who proclaimed it "The best stew I've ever had, EXCELSIOR!!!" He also made Foodies out of Ghouls, but unfortunately undead is a taste better left to unquestioning palates. After losing the event, he returned dismayed to the Dwarven Caves, his "Celebration Foodies" remaining unmade.

When ToST eventually arrives at the Dwarf Cave, the thief quickly convinces BORK that he is not only a chef, but an adventurer as well. Once again, BORK set out with ToST in search of new tastes, pursuaded by the thief's cunning that "Dark Elf Blood will make the Ultimate Foodies!" Rightfully so, after sampling a Dark Elf Archer leg, he quickly fills three vials of Dark Elf Blood, undoubtable to "spice up" his dishes. After the "Trojan Astos" Event, he gets hungry for lunch, and runs home with Uber the Iguana in tow (apparently, the lizard had also developed a taste for Dark Elves).

He is currently serving as chef on the DeThAdRA, Thief ToST's merchant marine vessel. There, he is supplied with an unending list of exotic ingredients which he uses to cook dishes such as sauSAGE, GrShark fin soup, and leg of Troll. On occasion, he will defend the ship when called upon.

BORK's equipment includes gigantic versions of various kitchen utensils, his favorite being an oversized chef's knife (hence the "tonberry" look), an iron apron, and an iron cooking pot helmet. He has newly discovered talent of being able to belch smoke and fire. BORK can also heal allies with his "cooking" ability.

Atma's Arc


Class: Fiend of Fire, Formerly Red Mage

A Red Mage who studied magic alongside Atma in Crescent Lake. Most Red Mages, in general, practice white and black magic simultaneously along with sword practise. While no magic is banned, some of the more obscure types are frowned upon. So when Kary decided to delve into the studies of blue magic, shapeshifting,and time travel, the Crescent Lake elders -- against all reason and logic -- banned her from the guild on the day Atma intended to propose to her. She disappeared into the mountains, leaving a note and an orb (the Fire Orb) for Atma, the only person she could trust with it.

Although Atma and kary's love was mutual, whether she is still fond of him -- or any humanoid, for that matter -- is unknown. Her wrath at the Red Mage's guild and centuries away from humans has affected her, so it's safe to assume that she's no longer the Kary Atma knew. The heroes do not know her current location, and definitely don't know that she's currently the Fiend of Fire.

In the meantime, she fought a solo adventuring XScorpion and defeated him, removing his tongue in the process. Further appearances or flashbacks with her in it in the story have yet to be seen.


Class: Red Mage

Nelietis is one of the elders of the Crescent Lake Red Mage's Guild. It is not common knowledge that he was responsible for Kary being booted out of the guild. Not much else is known about him, save that his magic has a foul smell only shared by Astos's cursed bracelets. Seeing as most magic is odorless...

He wears an eye patch and an ornate silver chain that culminates in a well-preserved claw twice the size of a human hand. He also carries several distinctive pieces of equipment that signified great power from this individual -- jet black chain mail beneath his robes, a sword sheathed in a black scabbard, and an ebony staff grasped decisively in his left hand.

Dave Mlinko and Stephen's Arc


Class: Black Belt

A fairly skilled female Black belt that wields a bo in battle.She lived on the same island as Dave,and had a major crush on him.She was also friends with Erin,despite the fact she secretly hated her for having all of Dave's attention.Dave respected Audrey as a friend,however,and confided in her multiple times about his living situation with his overly expectant father and non-caring mother.Audrey hoped it would escalate to something more than that,but Audrey,like Erin,was too nervous to reveal her true feelings for Dave.

Ultimately,it all came to a head in a tournament with all the Black Belts on their home island.In the first round,Dave killed Trent with a kick to the head.His father finally showed some respect to Dave,but Dave finally stood up to his dad,telling him to go to hell.Erin then lost badly,as she was staring at Dave but got caught off guard while she was looking away,and this prompted Dave to check on her,pissing off Audrey,who went on to win the tournament.

Dave then decided to leave the island,and Audrey tried to convince him to stay,but he left.Erin had given Audrey a note to give Dave,revealing her love for him,but Audrey didnt deliver the note and Dave left.

Audrey then left as well,followed shortly thereafter by Erin.Audrey got shipwrecked,though,and ended up at the Davis mansion.The Davises took her in as an orphan,and she formulated a plan to get back at Dave for everything.After hearing about the Davis family heirloom,the legendary Kusanagi sword,she conocted a plan.In the middle of the night,she stole the sword and burned the mansion to the ground,leaving one survivor,Stephen.She then tried to hire a swordsman to kill Dave with the sword,but the only ones capable of using the Kusanagi were Davises.However,she kept the sword and sought out any remaining Davises who could kill Dave with the sword.The search was on-and-off,spanning 16 years.By this time,Dave had gained a reputation as a bounty hunter,and,ironically enough,met the Davis Audrey was looking for,Stephen Davis,a Thief with almost a casual air about him,who knew Audrey was responsible for his family's death.Erin,on the other hand,had lived a fairly simple life,searching out Dave everywhere she went.Eventually,Audrey heard about a pirate named Bikke,and went to meet him in Pravoka.

Unfortunately,Bikke was not a Davis,but he had his own sword,known as the Scather,which Audrey deemed a sturdy enough weapon.Audrey then got word that Dave was on a certain island,so she asked Bikke to raid Cinder Island,which Bikke was planning on doing anyways.Erin happened to take her search to Cinder Island,so she ended up participating in the battle against the pirates.Erin died,but Dave and Stephen didnt,and Dave escaped with Erin's dead body to Coneria,whereas Stephen and his wife were picked up by a trade ship and headed to Pravoka.

Audrey retreated to Pravoka after the Cinder Island debacle.Dave went after her learning about her bounty,but then he realized Audrey was behind the attack on Cinder Island.Dave went out for revenge,teaming with Stephen and staying in Pravoka to investigate various matters.Eventually,Audrey left Pravoka with an associate she met in a tavern,named Dominic.The two formed a hasty alliance,united by a common cause,killing Dave.Audrey and Dominic then demoted Bikke,whom both viewed as incompetent after learning of the Cinder Island debacle and the failed attempts of his Pirates to kill Dave and Stephen,although Bikke got one more chance when he got a chance to deliver magical locks.However,Dave stopped the shipment and threw the locks overboard.Along the way,they stole a crystal from Matoya,and gave it to Astos to forge an alliance with him in order to get aid.However,Audrey and Dominic were sent to the battle frontlines in the Dark Elves's bid to take over Melmond,and both grew weary of Astos's demands.Astos then assigned Audrey with the defense of the kingdom,and then Dominic had to retireve a mysterious white mage of extraordinary power.Both of them ditched their assignements and then raided Astos's Castle after his death.Audrey then headed back to Coneria to regroup,but was followed by Dave.

While in Coneria,Audrey met a shapeshifting mage-for-hire named Joseph and recruited him to aid the monster forces assembled on their ship.Joseph,however,died at Dave's hands after transforming into everything possible to defeat him.Audrey,meanwhile,hid belowdecks and controlled the ship,knowing Dave was there.While she was down there,she discovered an old book on the ship which commanded the undead,regardless of the reader's magical powers.She then subsequently set the course for Cinder Island,hoping to finish Dave and Stephen in a climatic battle.(This,and the stuff ahead,was not mentioned in RPs due to the fact the writer was far too lazy.)

At Cinder Island,Audrey used the book's powers to encase Dave and Stephen in spheres that could only be destroyed with white magic.However,the spheres didnt last long and Audrey was defeated.Dave and Stephen ran up to talk to Audrey,who finally realized the error of her ways.She apologized for Erin's death and the death of the Davises and she presented Dave with the undead-controlling tome,which he has yet to use.Audrey then finally told Dave she loved him,and Dave accepted the apology.Stephen then executed Audrey with the Kusanagi,and his family was avenged.

Seeing as DAve's story,for the most part,was intertwined heavily with the plot,Audrey was heavily involved with events that werent part of Dave's story,such as the Elfland War,Bikke's tyranny,and the theft of Matoya's crystal.She was without a doubt the most important player-created villain in the entire game.In fact,the monsters in the PNEoP are,in fact,monsters that were being stored there for future use by Audrey and friends.

PErsonality and appearance wise,Audrey is fairly good-looking,but Erin is more attractive,at least in Dave's eyes.She has black hair,which is fairly short,a bit of a flat chest,and green eyes.Personality wise,she is very vengeful to those she views as incompetent,and also very vengeful to those that have done previous wrongs to her(Dave).However,she masks her intentions very easily when confronted with someone face-to-face,and she acts more calm and self-composed than she actually is in most instances.


Class: Mageknight

An exceptionally powerful and well-armored mageknight,formerly a member of Coneria's Royal Guard.He can take many blows without being affected,and can cast Black,White(this has yet to be seen) and Blue Magic.He also has considerable skill with his special weapon,the Francisca,a single bladed axe with a spearhead at the end and a set of sharp,needle-like spikes opposite of the axhead.

He is the brother of Garland,and he seeks revenge on the people that killed his brother(specifically Dave),although he didnt even support his brother's intentions in the first place.After his borther died,he went on his quest of vengeance and resigned from the Royal Guard.While researching his opponent,he discovered info about an old friend of his named Audrey who was apparently plotting to kill him,so he joined Audrey in her efforts.Audrey and Dominic got contact with some of their connections,and got some monsters to dela with Dave.However,four of them were decimated by the 12 main heroes(one of them being Dave),so the experiment was deemed a failure.

Afterwards,Audrey and Dominic looked for a deal with Astos.Astos apparently needed special magical locks to protect something very badly.In return,he'd give forces and cash to Audrey and Dominic to aid in Dave's death,so Dominic made the locks and sent them to him,using their ally Bikke to make the deliveries personally.However,Bikke and his pirate crew bungled the shipment after Dave and his friends came aboard,and Audrey and Dominic severed all ties with him and moved to Elfland.

Astos,upon finding out about the failure of Audrey and Dominic to deliver the locks,ordered new ones made,and then punished the two for their broken end of the agreement by requesting their participation in the invaison of the elvish Kingdom.Neither bothered to fight at full power,though.Dominic did not even bring his best axe,and his spells were underpowered.

On the battlefield,Dominic met and was defeated by Dano.Dominic got up after the battle was finished and told Dano that they would have a final,deadly battle at a later date.Dominic then teleported away to Astos's new stronghold in the Elvish kingdom,and got the assignment to capture a girl with mysterious and overly powerful White Magic abilities.

However,Dominic was sick and tired of Astos,so he ditched the mission and left for Coneria with Audrey after Astos's death,obtaining the aid they need by taking it from Astos's treasury after the fact.They left for Coneria,planning to head to Melmond and regroup.This plan didnt last,though,because Dave tracked them to Coneria and persuaded several of the adventurers to help him.

Dominic and Audrey then split up and held the decks of their ships,using their yoked mosnters and mercenaries to stop Dave and pals.However,Dominic ultimately fell short in his ambitions,as he faced a group led by Dano and died at his hand.Keeo took his axe,which lost the needles and the spearhead during the battle,becoming a regular Silver Axe.

Dominic's personality varies from time to time,although its mostly seen in his various interactions with Audrey on how best to kill Dave.Most of the time,he is a man of few words,who goes along with Audrey's plans,but other times he challenges her on her ideas of killing Dave,and he seems to estimate his power to be higher than what Audrey claims.The two seemed to have gained a general respect for one another,though,and Dominic occasionally worries for Audrey's well-being,as seen in a barfight where the two decimated two pirates for not killing a man they wanted dead.

A notable personality trait of his is his hatred of all elves.For whatever reason,he is racially biased towards them,and refers to them as "Lying,pointy-eared bastards".He also has a particular hatred for Astos,and would love to kill him if he only knew the full extent of his power.How his hatred of Elves began is unknown,but it is hinted that he had to do missions in Coneria where he had to have diplomatic relations with them,which might have bred his contempt for them.

Dominic's in-battle appearance is similar to that of an FF12 Imperial Judge.He has blond hair and is rather good-looking,but he appears aged beyond his years,and his eyes seem to resemble that of a hardened mercenary.


Class: Black Belt

The primary love interest of Dave.Shes described as a tomboyish girl with a good figure,long brown hair,and blue eyes.She specializes in nunchaku,but isn't as competent a fighter as Dave.She ended up on Cinder Island sometime before Bikke's attack on the place,looking for Dave after DAve left Cinder Island a while ago,but was seen stabbed to death by a pirate.Dave then snapped,killed twenty pirates,and then built a raft and sailed to Coneria.Dave passed out in mid-trip,and forgot everything but fragments of his recent memory and,needless to say,his techniques.

Her body washed up a way aways from him,and then Dave found her corspe being eaten at by Wolves.Once he saw her,his memory,for the most part,returned,and then Dave was motivated by rage to get revenge on Bikke,although a twist was added when he found out that Audrey had ordered the attack on Cinder Island to kill Dave and Erin,who she knew were there,over a previous slight a long time ago.

Based on a flashback Dave had,he saw Erin lose a match to another Black Belt because Erin was staring at Dave,and her opponent took advantage and KOed her with a quick punch combo.If indeed she had feelings for Dave like the ones Audrey,in the eyes of Dave,saw,then this,ironically enough,means that Dave should have taken the chance to be Erin's lover,which would have potentially made them avoid Cinder Island and Erin's death completely.This whole situation makes Dave a perfect example of the tragic hero.

An amusing plothole in regards to Erin occured,namely,Dave recognized Erin.Accoridng to the timeline put forth by Dave and Stephen,Stephen is 31,having fathered a child soon after the Davis mansion burned down,which was 16 years ago.Since Dave left his home at 12,this would put his age at 28,since Dave leaving and the Davis mansion being burned took place only a month apart.Since its been 16 years since he last saw Erin,there should have been no way Dave would have recognized Erin.Dave,originally,was 22 and he had left the island at 16,but the storyline was changed in that regard when Stephen's son Rick was written into the story.

Nonetheless,this isnt the worst thing thats happened in a BMage RP,so its no big deal


Class: Karateka (A really powerful Master, basically)

Dave's,Audrey's,and Erin's teacher of all things martial arts. Although old, he is regarded as the best in his field, as his skill with fists, nunchucks, and staves is unrivaled by anyone before or since. In his old age, he started a school, where Dave, Audrey, and Dave's love interest Erin attended, and they are now regarded as the 3 best pupils to have graduated, with Dave being superior in punches and kicks, Erin being superior with nunchucks, and Audrey being the best with staves, and the three are expected to carry on Tenchi's training methods. Currently, he has yet to appear in-game, only being referenced several times in Dave's story and being morphed into in another instances.

His appearance is similar to that of any generic aging kung-fu master in any movie.


Class: Warlock

A mysterious and ultra-powerful status spell using mage. He studied intensively under Zaknafein, who tried to teach him the beauty of elemental spells, but Tanaka wasn't suited for that and instead learned how to use status effect spells. He quickly mastered just about every status spell known up to the level 7 ones, and with much practise also learned the spell ZAP!, a dimension-based spell which instantly teleports enemies to the 4th dimension, and is impossible to resist using anything except pure luck. However, the spell has a nasty side effect which weakens him due to the insane amount of power required for its use, meaning he saves the spell for a last-resort maneuver. Despite all that, he is still regarded as a top-tier mage, due to legends about him turning three of Bahamut's dragons into stone, plus a battle with the legendary Karateka Tenchi, which lasted three days and three nights and ended in a draw after Tenchi was paralyzed right after hitting Tanaka with a Dragon Kick, which knocked him down and sapped all of Tanaka's strength, although he was still conscious.

Tanaka has also learned how to use Blue Magic,and can use most of the basic spells easily.However,the more powerful ones are severly draining to him,so he saves them for a last resort(similar to ZAP!).It appears he has the ability to talk to monsters and is more connected to nature than to texts and scrolls,which may have contributed to him obtaining the ability to use it.

After hearing about the resurfacing of one of Tenchi's pupils, Dave Mlinko, and after hearing Astos's plans of conquering Elfland, Tanaka went to help. He bailed Dave and Stephen out of two sticky situations, then met Dave in a tavern and hired him to kill Astos, paying him with a diamond. However, after much contemplation, he decided to get at Astos himself using the ZAP! spell, although Zaknafein heavily advised against it, saying that the spell might render him unable to cast any more spells if he overused it. Tanaka, though, is determined to prove once and for all that Astos can be beaten by someone with Elvish blood, and that he is not invincible. He then volunteered himself to defend Elfland from the invasion, although he was downed in the process. However,he managed to muster up enough strength to cast WARP and get the group out to a clearing near a remote village.Upon entering,he found out that a girl with extremely potent magical powers was being sought after by Astos,so thus he took the girl under his own protection.

Him,Krauss,Dave,the WzOgre and eight other allies then went to the Marsh Cave,where two of Tanaka's skeleton friends met up with him,saying the the Cave had been taken over by Wizards.They then fought some of the Wizard's minions,who were essentially the denizens of the cave originally now being converted to the Wizards side,followed by a battle with two Wizards,which ended with Tanaka killing them both using a SQUINT attack.After elaborating on the Wizards' plight,the Light Elf magician they were traveling with called out Tanaka,thinking that the Blue Magic he just used violated a sacred oath tying him to Elfland.Tanaka,however,revealed the REAL reason he ws in Efland,which was to get back at Astos,who attempted to assassinate the King.However,Tanaka,using Blue Magic,drove Astos away and saved the kingdom,thus showing everyone that Blue Magic could be used for good,not evil.Thus,Tanaka was presumably unbranded and allowed back in Efland,although a few hard-liners still disagreed with him.

After this,Blue Magic began to be accepted,although Tanaka didnt know this,and disappeared for about twenty years to presumably escape said hard-liners before returning upon hearing rumors of Astos rising up once again.During his twenty years,he served a Lord named Cunningham,who ran a kingdom in the sky.

After telling his life story,the effects of the SQUINT attack came into play,and Tanaka collapsed.The healers attended to him,and discovered lots of fur,muscular red skin,scales,and cybernetic implants,all caused by using the actions of monsters,which turned him into the monsters that actually used the original action.However,the girl he was protecting managed to partailly alleviate the pain,enabling Tanaka to continue onwards.

Tanaka then participated in an attempted raid on the castle,but aborted the plan to regroup at the Light Elf Hideout.He participated in several battles before they reached Astos.After Keeo killed Astos,Tanaka used ZAP! to warp Astos away,ensuring that he couldnt come back.In the ongoing rebuilding process,Tanaka was named Prime Minister of Elfland,and is now trying to lead his homeland back into a new age,where every kind of magic is acceptable.

Tanaka's personality is the general wise sage with the cryptic advice.However,he can be very singleminded and ruthless with those he considers his enemys,likewise showing respect with his comrades beside him in battle.He prefers to stay behind the scenes,contorlling things from a distance to get people to go with his intentions,as shown when he casted BANE on an archer about to kill Stephne and ToST,as well as using a long-distance BANE casting on a pirate crew that found and prepared to execute Dave's group after their fight with Bikke.

His appearance is similar to that of one of the street musicians from the movie Kung Fu Hustle,right down to the pale blue robes and tinted glasses.

WzOgre Who Travels with Dave

Class: Wizard Ogre

Needless to say, he is a Wizard Ogre who travels with Dave. He was magically enhanced by the Vampire and was left to defend the Earth Cave from invaders. However, he broke free of his mind-conditioning and fled the Earth Cave, only to be captured by Dwarves and put into the Forsaken Labrynith.

Early on, he met Dave, and after Dave effortlessly blocked a swing of his club, he tagged along and treated Dave with respect from there on out.

He possesses magic spells, unlike most Ogres, and specializes in an ICE spell that turns most opponents into beautiful statues. He also possesses the ability to speak basic human language (the emphasis being on the word basic), can sense when mages are coming, and can instantly determine their power. Due to the way he sees the world, he referes to all humans, elves, or other small monsters as "squishies" becuase that's the sound made when he steps on them. He attaches adjectives to the beginning of the name when necessary ("strong squishie" for Dave, "mage squishie" for Tanaka, "Wolf squishie" for Wolves, etc.). He was then recruited for the defense efforts by Elfland,although the defending force was routed.However,Tanaka warped him,Dave,Krauss,and Tanaka away to a village,where they were charged with guarding a young girl while hiding from Astos.They got eight allies to help them out,including a WzImp who adores the WzOgre as a master of some sort,probably due to his massive size and magical abilities.


Class: LEKnight

An elf who went to raid Astos's place for treasure, but he was annihilated by Astos's RUB spell, and died just as Audrey walked in to make a deal with the elves.


Class: LEArcher

Doran's younger brother, who wants revenge for his brother's death. He has good skills with a bow, and he has accumulated a reasonable success rate as a bounty hunter. He attacked Dave and Tanaka, thinking they were minions of Astos, but he soon realized that they had the same cause as he did, and joined their group for the invasion, although he was downed by Pie's forces. However, Tanaka WARPed the group away and they visited a small village,where Krauss was put in a group assigned to hide a young child away from Astos's forces.The group was paired with a small group of elves form the villiage,and Krauss has taken a liking to one of the female elf knights in the group.However,the group led by him has yet to return after splitting up from Dave's group while venturing in the Marsh Cave.Krauss was found injured later and was tended to by a good-looking elven female Knight,who he stayed with after the war's conclusion. He made a comeback later to help Dave and Stephen gain revenge against Audrey and Dominic


Class: Thief

The son of Stephen. He is a 14-year-old Thief who shows great promise, seeing as he is an expert at pickpocketing, lockpicking, manipulating, and, if necessary, fighting. Stephen taught him the trade when he was only 7 years old, and he quickly learned the basics, becoming a secret source of pride to his father. He wields Rapier and Dagger simultaneously in battle, which, despite the greatness of his other talents, frustrates his father to no end, as he claims it is bad technique. Nonetheless, he has connections which rival that of ToST, which enable him to get information from every corner of the map. He keeps a personal staff of messengers near him at all times, who are renowned for having a better delivery rate than FedEx.

Stephen originally thought he was dead after the attack on Cinder Island. Bikke had skewered him while trying to get Stephen to tell Bikke where Dave was, when Stephen, at the time, truly didn't know. Somehow, Rick was revived and rescued, and was brought to the Dwarven Caves. In the meantime, his personal staff of messengers had found the location of his family heirloom, the legendary sword Kusanagi, so he invited Stephen to the Dwarven Caves shortly afterwards to reveal the sword's whereabouts. However, it was moved to the Elvish Castle seeing as Audrey, the thief of the blade, was called to Elfland for an impending war, and thus needed to keep the blade close to her. Rick then moved with the group to attempt to lay siege to the Northwest Castle.After defeating a HYDRA,his Dad procured the Kusanagi,and killed a Knight with it,shocking Rick.Rick then traveled with the rest of the group meeting up with Dave,who was clearly very shocked to see him there.Him,Dave,Stephen,Tanaka,his RBone friend,and the two Priests then made an expedition into the Marsh Cave in order to retrieve the Crown,but most importantly,remove the infestation of Wizards in the Cave.The expedition was unsuccessful,though,but Rick,for the most part,stayed with the group through everything until his bodyguard,a jovial Knight from Melmond named Shaw,hitched a wyvern ride to escort Rick back to Melmond,where it was revealed that Rick,ever the entrepreneur,was starting an Arena in Melmond.However,the arena couldnt get off the ground due to the imminent vampire threat,so Rick has shifted his location to somewhere he claims is grander.

Rick's personality,unlike his brutally honest and carefree father,is more stoic,serious,and samurai-esque.Rick treats near-death occurences like they didnt even happen,and constantly decides to stay strong regardless of how scared he is inside.However,he can be a bit goofy and irrational,as seen when he let it slip that he wants to kill Keeo for a completely unknown reason.Also,while his father is chivalrous and protects people,Rick hangs back and sneak-attacks people.However,he has a tremendous respect for both his father and Dave.Dave in particular notes that Rick is mature beyond his years,and has gained a comradely friendship with Rick,which is,again,different from his father,who acts as more of a foil to Dave's belligerent personality.

Yet another difference between him and his father is his appearance.Rick has pale skin,short dark grey hair,blood red eyes,and wears a metal circlet,along with flowing black robes(similar to that of Uchiha Itachi from Naruto),whereas Stephen has long black hair,suntanned skin,green eyes,sleeveless wooden armor,and knee length leather leggings.In fact,the two are so completely different that impartial observers would never guess that Stephen and Rick are father and son.


Class: MEKnight

A knight from Melmond that is the lackey of Rick.He speaks in a cliched Austrailian accent.Writing down what he says doesnt make sense at all,but everyone seems to be capable of understanding him for some reason. He is a fairly skilled warrior with a pair of Falchions and strong armor,and he helped during the invasion of Elfland and the battle against Audrey and Dominic.

Turncoat Dark Elves

Class: DEKnight, Archer, Wizard, and Priest

A group of 4 Dark Elves BMage wrote into the story to serve as allies for the party int he war against Astos.Other than killing a pirate defending a castle,though,they didnt do much,namely because BMage had problems getting them as usable allies.


Class: Buccaneer

A pirate who was charged with the defense of the castle while Astos was out taking care of business outside. However, he was betrayed and routed by four turncoat Dark Elves, due to his lack of brightness and lack of skill as a warrior.

Keeo's Arc


Class: Black Mage/Specter/Illithid

Keyser, like his friend Keeo, was an adventurer from parts unknown. Sadly, he perished in the Marsh Cave, having been poisoned by the denizens of that foul place. When Keeo fled, Keyser was reanimated into a zombie and attacked, but was killed a second time. Since that time, Keyser has appeared once in a dream of Keeo's, asking why he was left behind and then attacking. Most likely, this was merely the result of guilt on Keeo's part, rather than a true manifestation of Keyser's spirit. Deep within the Marsh Cave, Keyser's final fate was far worse. As with so many other victims of the cave's denizens, his body was found by the illithid wizards, and used as a host for one of their young. The process involves the host's mind being completely consumed, and so allows no hope for resurrection. Upon finding this abomination wearing his friend's form, Keeo slew the thing and later gave Keyser a proper burial back on the surface.

ToST's Arc


Class: Salesman/Thief

An buddy of ToST's and a former thief in his own right. In his solo adventure, he defeated Chaos and eventually went back to barely eek out a Level 37 victory over the acclaimed WarMECH. In FFD, he resides in Coneria, and has turned salesman, selling the wares he's collected over the years. Whenever he seems to encounter ToST outside of town, he has premium items for sale (such as Opal Bracelets, Dragon Swords, and ProRings), but such items always seem to fetch an exhorbitant amount (usually MUCH more than what ToST has to spend at that point in time). It has been found that this is due to supply and demand trading, and that his prices can be raised/lowered by events which affect free trade (such as Dark Elf rule).

He is the step-father of Arylon (II), and the widower of the original Arylon (I), his wife and the dancer for whom his step-daughter was named. In a cataclysmic event involving the Chaos "Master" Swords, he was slain when one of the swords possessed his daughter.

Having uncanny insight, DeTh had prepared for his death, willing ToST his merchant marine cruiser, the DeThAdRA, as well as his entire shipping enterprise. Of prominence was his famed DeTh's Masmune sword, which was lost when Dark Ramuh's Dark Judgement Bolt crippled the DeThAdRA and sent the blade to the depths of Melmond Harbor.


Class: Dancer

DeTh's step-daughter, named after her step-mother, the original Arylon the Dancer. She was found as a baby by DeTh and Arylon, who were on an extended vacation at the time. Arylon (I) was sterile, so the two decided to raise her as their own child. Her step-mother sadly passed away in a Madpony stampede in Coneria when Arylon (II) was very young.

She exhibits special latent magic abilities, such as raising the dead and healing others, although the total extent of her abilities is unknown. DeTh sends her out with ToST to observe battle and tactics, after seeing how taken she is with the young thief. She seems to be quite enamoured with ToST's unorthodox style of fighting, or perhaps it's that she just has doe eyes for ToST. She doesn't seem to mind that ToST has other girlfriends, mainly since he's done a good job not to hurt her feelings.

During the "Invasion" story arc, she's missing and she's also presumed to have a runed sword ToST found near Link's grave in Elfland. This sword is destined to kill the person whose name the runes spell out (which is now missing and when last seen read "Master..."). Her step-father, DeTh, had laid down plans for her retrieval, which involved her boyfriend ToST and his party of the Iguana Uber and the Dwarven Chef BORK. After the "Trojan Astos" event, ToST was left as the only party member knowing of her disappearance.

She was found in a waterway under the Northwest Castle, with a longsword in hand, and a strange collar, which was removed by ToST, causing her to collapse. It was later found that she did not recall any of the time she was away from home, only that she "had a strange dream involving her having strong magical powers and something involving the number 15"

After ToST returns her to Coneria, she awakens, and uses her ability for the first time in years to heal ToST, feeling that "It is now Okay" to use it. DeTh sees Arylon do this, and tells her what he knows of her past, and sends her off with ToST to discover her origins.

Arylon(II)'s Total magic ability is currently unknown. What is known is that she can heal injuries (ability equal to a CUR2 spell) and she's also been known to raise dead (LIFE). She must also have some sort of attack magic, as she was able to hold her own against a hydra, despite having lacking swordsmanship skills. During the Second War for Elfland, she becomes enraged when confronting a Dark Elf contingent that had killed and beheaded women and children, manifesting her power and bringing forth the use of the ICE2 spell. Her magical powers are limited to one use of each of her learned spells per day, pending full control by FSA.

Sometime after the war, she was possessed by one of the Chaos "Master" Swords, killing her stepfather DeTh. She fled Coneria and was later found by ToST somewhere near Onrac. Unfortunately, their reunion was short-lived, as the Fiend KRAKEN attacked the DeThAdRA, spilling her into the brink and crippling the vessel, which was set adrift for two months. This was the last time she was seen.


Attack- Attacks with a longsword or any other "knightsword" of the Sword 4 variety.

White Magic- currently FOG, CUR2 and LIFE

Black Magic- currently TMPR, and ICE2

Fantasize- A special skill based off of ToST's "Imagine" skill. She learned this while adventuring with him.

Cooking- Much like the Dwarven Chef BORK. It's only usable when there's a supply of food, although the term "food" can be interpreted extremely loosely, as she's everything from Ogre Leg to Madpony Stew. This skill is seldom used, and mostly performed while in camp.

Previous Equipment:

Ribbon (Permanent, unequippable, a gift from DeTh, her stepfather), which slipped from her to ToST when she fell overboard. The memento is hung over the posters of the bed in ToST's quarters of the DeThAdRA.

Copper Bracelet (Was supposed to be Silver, but was dropped in power by FSA)

Long Sword


Class: Iguana

An entrant in the Forsaken Labyrinth arena event, he started as one of 100 entrants looking for fame and glory. Along the way, he met up with X and Princess Sara, and finally Guy, in the team affectionately known as "Team Comic Relief." It was in this team that he was given the name Uber by Guy, because Guy liked X's usage of the word "über1337." He played a kind of straight man to the team, as he would at times inappropriately root for food, roll around demanding his belly be rubbed, and was ridden by Princess Sara because...well, she's a princess. Surviving that team's ultimate battle with a Giant and a Specter, he made it to the runner up battle royale, but chose along with the other surviving members of Team Comic Relief not to participate.

He becomes enamored with thief ToST's penchant for the ladies shortly after the tournamant (or is it the other way around?) and joins him in a quest to find an overland pass from Coneria to the Dwarven Caves. This endeavor is given up when Arylon, ToST's main girlfriend, goes missing and DeTh, her father and ToST's longtime friend, sets plans in motion for them to track her down. Their team ends up with the Dwarven Chef BORK, and they attempt to infiltrate Astos's castle in search of Arylon, using the "Trojan Astos". However, BORK wanted lunchtime Foodies, and easily convinced the always hungry Uber to go back to the Dwarven Caves with him.

He later returns briefly to assist in carrying Arylon to the Dwarven Caves, on her way back to Coneria.

Uber's current equipment entails a custom set of iguana barding, a tailspike mace, and a custom fitted iron claw. He also attacks by biting and charging, and has a unique iguanalike way of communicating. Uber also has the ability to travel over rugged terrain, carrying allies only when bribed well (usually meaning fed quality food).

X's Arc

Baron Owzer von der Hadouken III

Class: Red Mage

While on their way to the Northwest Castle to plan the liberation of Elfland, Undine fell into a coma due to the Scather, an enchanted blade that she had acquired from Bikke the pirate. While entranced, she fought shadows from the weapon's memory. One of these was a young Astos. Another was a mysterious new character named Owzer.

Years ago, Baron Owzer ruled over a large estate situated in the greater Onrac region. Despite the fact that his title was merely nominal, he still had some influence in local affairs. He often met with young Astos, although the reason for these meetings is unknown. However, after acquiring the Scather at an auction, Astos became jealous and attempted to take the blade. Owzer pursued him while wielding the weapon and was not heard from again for many years. He was presumed dead. Then he suddenly reappeared, acting as though nothing had happened, although he vanished again not long after. It was assumed by his family that he was betrayed by Astos somehow, although Astos himself has recencly claimed that Owzer became a general in his army, and that he had died not long before his invasion of Elfland.

Owzer is the father of the black mage X.

The X-Hunters

A trio who are on a mission to find the Black Mage X, last seen heading toward Elfland. Their reason for searching for him is unknown.


Class: Sage

A human who travels with Violen and Agile. He appears to be older and more experienced than the other two, and acts as the leader of the group. He wears a long robe that partially obscures his face, and seems to glide across the ground when he moves.


Class: Berserker

A dwarf who travels with Serges and Agile. He has a hot temper and can be abrasive at times. He carries a powerful-looking mace, and seems to have great strength but poor mobility.


Class: Fencer

An elf who travels with Serges and Violen. He is calm and quick-witted. He wears a sword on his back that seems to shine pink with energy while in motion, and is rumored to move with blinding speed.

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