Stasi soldier

The grey uniform of the NSES

The National Security Enforcement Service is the secret service of the Dominion, which was first proposed to be created after the Formation Wars, then again once a large Galactic Alliance spying network was discovered around 103 ABY. The final call came once an important strategy map was stolen from Wayland, but this time the call came from the Lord. It is unknown who used the title greyshirt first, but it is known that the name was used by the Lord when he gave clearance to create the NSES. It was created as a subdivision of High Command and codenamed as "Division of Internal and Foreign Security Matters" in the law that created it. Under the NSES serves the International Intelligence Agency. These two agencies were not created because of increasing espionage threat from outside the Dominion, but rather because internal corruption was increasing and racism amongst several high-ranking officials were left untended. It was decided that the legislations was to be revamped. With an emergency election by the Governors' Council, the same judges were elected, but in the meantime the Council filled the legislation with loopholes for the NSES and IIA to use. This way the Secret Service was unofficially given authority to use any measures to stop or limit the corruption and racism before rioting began.

The duties of NSES and the IIA:

  1. To serve and protect the Dominion of internal attacks and foreign espionage
  2. To serve the Dominion in secrecy and avoid all media
  3. To protect individual rights of others at the cost of the terrorists'
  4. To protect public rights at the cost of certain individual rights
  5. To effectively enforce the security of the Dominion
  6. To gather intelligence of international affairs
  7. To maintain up-to-date intelligence of internal affairs of other nations as well as of individuals
  8. To supervise agents outside the Dominion's borders

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