There are 6 different races in NeoSteam, 4 main races and 2 "variant" races. The variant races are pretty much only cosmetic changes for characters (such as male versus female), and acquire the same racial bonuses at the same levels as the race they are modeled after. However, for concistency's sake, they're included here.

As far as customization of looks for each character, there are 3 faces and 3 hairstyles for each race / gender. Once I have some free time, I'll post images with each face option and each hairstyle for each faction.



Humans in this game are actually not a "balance" race (all stats level about the same, etc.), but are actually suited more towards the Rogue classes.

Bonus Skills: (list pending)

Facial Options:

Face 1: (image pending)

Face 2: (image pending)

Face 3: (guess what? image pending!)

Hairstyle 1: (image pending)

Hairstyle 2: (image pending)

Hairstyle 3: (The Zohan was messed with, so image pending)



Elves tend toward the magical side of things, so their preferred classes are Mage classes.

Bonus Skills: (list pending)

Facial Options:

Face 1: (image pending)

Face 2: (plastic surgery costs going up, so image pending)

Face 3: (currently getting her face back from Travolta or Cage, whoever the bad guy was in Face/Off, so image pending)

Hairstyle 1: (image pending)

Hairstyle 2: (I'm running out of funny things to say so image pending)

Hairstyle 3: (image pending)

Luife / Liel / Taroon


These guys are beastmen. As such, they're big and powerful, and favor Fighter classes more than the other races.

Bonus Skills: (pending list)

Facial Options:

Face 1: (pemage inding)

Face 2: (this si tiresome, image pending)

Face 3: (I have it! just kidding, image pending)

Hairstyle 1: (is it a hairstyle, if their whole body full of hair isn't styled? regardless, image pending)

Hairstyle 2: (pending)

Hairstyle 3: (pending)



Short, hairy (sometimes moreso than the beastmen!), and really, really talented with mechanical doohickeys. These guys (and girls) favor the Crafter classes.

Bonus Skills: (list pending)

Facial Options:

Face 1: (ip)

Face 2: (ip)

Face 3: (ip)

Hairstyle 1: (ip)

Hairstyle 2: (ip)

Hairstyle 3: (ip)

(Placeholder for me to know where I left off for the outline, more info will be added!)

Calsetes 17:41, 27 May 2008 (UTC)

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