NSPCC Children's T.V. Favourites is a NSPCC Video with 15 episodes of Dog and Duck, Paddington Bear, Winnie the Pooh, James the Cat, Captain Pugwash, Fireman Sam, The Magic School Bus, Kipper, Fetch the Vet, Clangers, Postman Pat, Franklin, Old Bear, Spot, and Rupert.


  1. Dog and Duck: Monster Mouse
  2. Paddington Bear: Please Look After This Bear
  3. Winnie the Pooh: Pooh Ougtha Be in Pictures
  4. James the Cat: Friends
  5. Captain Pugwash: Monster Ahoy
  6. Fireman Sam: Norman's Tricky Day
  7. Magic School Bus: For Lunch
  8. Kipper: Surprise Party
  9. Fetch the Vet: Football Crazy
  10. Clangers: Treasure
  11. Postman Pat: Letters on Nice
  12. Franklin: Hurry Up, Franklin/Franklin's Bad Day
  13. Old Bear: The Car
  14. Spot: Where's Spot
  15. Rupert: Rupert and the Purple Cakes

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