Biomarkers for Neglected Tropical Diseases

There are several projects:
1. The function of dengue virus NS1 protein (with JA, MSSM): interactomics with cytoplasmic/PM cell contents and serum from uninfected and infected patients.
2. Plasmodium falciparum malaria pathogenomics/intervention discovery.
3. Malaria diagnostics: a cheap, discriminatory, easy-to-teach field microscopic assay to diagnosis, quantifying, and tracking malaria partisitaemia in peripheral blood.
4. Implementation of malaria diagnostics, sub-district epidemiological survey (focus on ID, esp. during winter malaria epidemic, and medical anthropology), volunteer primary care/public health and pharmacy franchise support at a field site, Kenya, among the Samburu people (with TR, JB, DND, JA, and 2FCRPH, et al.).
5. Epidemiological survey of pediatric rotavirus infeciton and assessment of possibility for localized clinical trial of Rotavax (Merck) against circulating viral strains, La Paz, Bolivia (with AA, Bolivian Molec Biol).

Field projects supported by infrastructure from 2FCRPH

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