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This is a web page of the NUCLEON PROJECT Simulation and Reconstruction Software. The software is a private property of the NUCLEON Collaboration.


This is a package of C++ libraries which simulates nuclei interactions in the NUCLEON detector and transport the tracks trough the detector material. The package is based on ROOT VMC [1] which provides the interfaces to well known transportation engines: Geant3 [2] and Geant4 [3]. The interface to FLUKA [4] is under development. The advantage of using VMC interface is that one defines the detector geometry and properties via ROOT [5] TGeo classes and the concrete transport engine is defined at the run-time of your application. Therefore one can test different transport engines within exactly the same user code.


The current version is 1.2. The source code can be downloaded using this [http:// link]



  • Compiler: g++

Compilation the NUCLON-VMC

The compilation is done almost automatically, what you need is to set up correctly the variables: Please edit file

Rules (main NUCLEON-VMC directory) 

and set up


variables. For example:

G3VMCINSTALL := /cern/geant3_vmc/ 
G4VMCINSTALL := /cern/geant4_vmc
G4INSTALL    := /cern/geant4
VGMINSTALL   := /cern/vgm
ROOTINSTALL  := /cern/root
PYTHIAINSTALL:= /cern/pythia6

from the main NUCLEON VMC directory type:


Normally it should build the package.


  • Set the environment variable LD_LIBRARY_PATH to search for shared libraries from root session
    • Please set the following environment variables:
Geant4 variables
ROOTSYS         (path to root installation directory)
VMC             (path to geant4_vmc installation directory)
VGM_INSTALL     (path to VGM installation directory)
G3INSTALL       (path to geant3_vmc installation directory)
CLHEP_BASE_DIR  (path to CLHEP installation directory)
USE_VGM         (set this variable to 1)
LD_LIBRARY_PATH (set this variable to  

An example of variables setting in csh:

source /cern/geant4/env.csh 
setenv ROOTSYS     /cern/root
setenv VMC         /cern/geant4_vmc/
setenv VGM_INSTALL /cern/vgm/
setenv G3INSTALL   /cern/geant3_vmc/
setenv USE_VGM 1
  • Edit macros/test1.C (set up the number of events to generate and generator to use
appl->SetGenerator(TString name)
  • run root:
root[].x run_g4.C


root[].x run_g3.C 

By default a file "nuclon.root" will be created. You could visualize the results of the simulation from a new root session:

root[].x test_viewer.C

An application will appear. Please click buttons and learn the output.


  • A manual with code overview and some results is under way. We are not ready yet to make it public
  • The code itself, classes, methods etc can be understood from the html documentation which can be created typing from the command line:
make doc

Please examine: doc/htmldoc/USER_INDEX.html


16/08/2006 NUCLEON-VMC version 1.2 is available.


FEDRA VMC is written by

  • Dmitry Naumov (JINR, Dubna, Russia and INFN Firenze, Italy).
  • Artur Tkachenko (JINR, Dubna, Russia).

Please send your comments, suggestions to

Dmitry Naumov (
Artur Tkachenko (

NUCLEON VMC Presentations

DmitryNaumov 16 August 2006 (CEST) 

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