The vision is that one piece of the FIC Art of Community Event would be a free, widely distributed NW-focused directory that would include listings for all known NW Intentional Communities and Community/Sustainability Resources.

The NW Intentional Communities listings could come about in the same way that the FIC Communities Directory is produced - an edited database dump from the FIC online directory. This would involve a concerted drive to grow representation of NW ICs.

The compilation of listings for Community Resources would require a different form of database support, unless the FIC Directory is morphed to better support Community Organizations and Resources which do not see themselves as ICs.

The idea is that it would be widely distributed in a low-cost print form (perhaps included in The Stranger or The Weekly, two Seattle-area alternative weekly publications), in conjunction with the FIC Art of Community NW event.

The online creation of the directory would be part of the community-building work (sponsorship and supporter development) that would lead up to the event.

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